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Eclipse GlassFish Fighterfish Modules Release Tracker

Project Repository Module Version Staging Central
Eclipse Project for Fighterfish
osgi-cdi 1.0.6 Yes No
osgi-cdi-api 1.0.2 Yes No
osgi-ee-resources 2.0.2 Yes No
osgi-ejb-container 1.0.5 Yes No
osgi-http 1.0.8 Yes No
osgi-javaee-base 1.0.9 Yes No
osgi-jdbc 1.0.3 Yes No
osgi-jpa 1.0.4 Yes No
osgi-jpa-extension 1.0.4 Yes No
osgi-jta 1.0.3 Yes No
osgi-web-container 2.0.2 Yes No
module-parent-pom 1.0.7 Yes No

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