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Eclipse Enterprise Days

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EVENT TO BE RESCHEDULED AS A WEBINAR. Based on feedback from early registrants, we've decided to repurpose this event as a Webinar -- we will update this Wiki with details once available.

Enterprise Days

Eclipse Enterprise Days is a two-day-long event that shows insights into how Eclipse technology scales UP and OUT. OUT to thousands of developers within organizations, and UP to hundreds of plugins and millions of lines of code.

This event is for IT and Architecture teams, developers, architects and managers who are used to working with Eclipse in large enterprise environments.

Even though we're in the beltway, dress code is strictly casual please, no suits!


All attendees must pre-register for this event. There is no fee for the first 50 registrations (after which we may charge a nominal fee to defray F&B costs), but space is limited to we suggest you register early. To register, please contact and your name will be posted to the Wiki.

Attendees must be an employee or contractor of an "Enterprise User" of Eclipse technology. Enterprise users typically are responsible for the use of Eclipse by hundreds and even thousands of developers in their organizations.

Travel and Logistics

See the Reston Events Logistics page for more information about travel, hotels and local attractions.

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