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Eclipse Doc Checklist

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This checklist can be used to ensure that all documentation work for a component gets completed. You may find it useful to make a copy of this page for your component, adding extra items that are specific for you, and checking items off as they are completed.

General Notes

  • Make sure you use an HTML editor that will not munge the documentation source. Good examples are the Eclipse text editor, or the HTML editor in WTP (Help > Software Updates > Find new features to Install > Callisto Discovery Site > Select the "Web Standard Tools" feature and click "Select Required").
  • Make sure new additions and changes adhere to the Eclipse Doc Style Guide

User Documentation

  • For all existing user documentation:
    • Remove/correct out-dated contents
    • Ensure that the contents of the topic are appropriate for the category the topic is in
    • Redo screen shots if necessary
  • For significant new features in the current release:
    • Add Concepts and Tasks entries
    • Search the existing help topics for other pages that relate to the topic you are writing about and add them as "Related <topic>" links
  • Check all views and editors in the new dynamic Help view
    • Ensure summary is correct
    • Ensure links work and make sense
  • Check all dialogs and wizards to ensure that the (?) button or F1 shows relevant information
  • Getting Started section:
    • Make sure the Platform Getting Started section is of high-quality and easy to read
    • Test the Platform getting started: go through it step by step
  • Update the Tips & Tricks document
  • Complete the What's New section in both the user guide and ISV guide
  • Update the list of used icons
  • Check all examples and corresponding example descriptions
  • Ensure command line arguments under Tasks > Running Eclipse are updated and correct
  • Ensure Reference > User interface information is updated
    • New wizards are listed
    • New dialogs are listed
    • New views and editors are listed
    • New icons are listed in the "Icons and buttons" section

ISV Documentation

  • For significant new API in the current release:
    • Add Programmer's Guide entries
    • Link new topics to related concepts and tasks in the user guide
    • Link old topics to new topics where appropriate
    • Search the existing help topics for other pages that relate to the topic you are writing about and consider adding them as "Related <topic>" links
  • Review and complete extension point descriptions in the schemas
  • Verify that all APIs and extension-points appear in the Reference section (see How to add things to the Eclipse doc)
  • Verify that extension points added in 3.5 are marked "Since 3.5" (or whatever version is applicable for your plug-in)
  • Update migration guide
    • Redo screen shots if necessary


  • Javadoc
    • Verify that all APIs have Javadoc
    • Check spelling (use American English)
    • Ensure new APIs have the @since 3.2 tag
  • spell check all *.properties files (use American English)
  • Verify that component.xml files are correct


  • Update the eclipse_readme.html document
  • Ensure there are no mixed line delimiters
  • Check the whole doc with a link checker tool

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