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Eclipse DemoCamps Oxygen 2017/Zurich

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Engage in the Eclipse and Java community this Summer at the Oxygen DemoCamp in Zurich. If you are interested in Eclipse, Eclipse and Open Source, this is the event to attend in Switzerland.

During the break and after the talks enjoy the networking, free beer, food and the opportunity to meet the available speakers and project leads.

Previous Democamps in Zurich: 2016 Neon, 2015 Mars, 2014 Luna, 2013 Kepler, 2012 Juno


The demo camp will take place in the ETH lecture room HG D7.1 located in the main building of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Rämistrasse 101, 8092 Zürich.

For details see

Date and Time

The DemoCamp will take place on Monday, May 29th at 17:30. Notice: the start time of the event is not final yet.


Register here. Admission is free but registration is mandatory. When you are registered and realize that you can't make it, please unregister. Registered people that are finally unable to attend are kindly asked to donate EUR 10 to Eclipse.


The agenda is in preparation. If you are interested in presenting, please submit your proposal to matthias(dot)zimmermann(at)bsi-software(dot)com. We plan to have 7-8 presentation slots 20' each. We also try to be open for interesting ideas. In the past we also had IoT demos during the break and 10' "lightning" slots.

Time Slot Talk Speaker Slides
17:30 '20 Meet and greet
17:50 '10 Welcome/Intro: Matthias Zimmermann (BSI), Serano Colameo (itemis Schweiz) n/a
18:00 '30 Eclipse and Java™ 9 Dani Megert, IBM Research - Zurich n/a
18:30 '30 Eclipse Vert.x: Hitchiker's Guide to Reactive Programming Anatole Tresch, Trivadis AG n/a
19:00 '20 Machine Learning, Blockchain and Eclipse Scout Matthias Zimmermann, n/a
19:20 '20 Break
19:40 '30 JHipster IDE Serano, Jose, Jeremie n/a
20:10 '20 Language Servers - The promise of any language in any code editor Karsten Thoms, itemis AG n/a
20:30 '20 Eclipse Science Working Group Philip Wenig, OpenChrom n/a
21:00 '60 Networking (Beer, soft drinks and snacks)
  • Tentative agenda: Order and scheduled times might change.



BSI Business Systems Integration AG - Featured Link - Eclipse Scout
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itemis Schweiz GmbH - Featured Link - Xtext
 Location Sponsor

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Interested in Sponsoring?: If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please submit your proposal to matthias(dot)zimmermann(at)bsi-software(dot)com.

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