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Eclipse DemoCamps Oxygen 2017/Shenzhen

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DemoCamp.png What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Shenzhen JUG meets every month. And of course June meeting is about Eclipse IDE and Eclipse projects like Jetty web server, Hudson CI server, vert.x framework, Orion and Che cloud IDEs.


Registration and list of attendees is at: https://yoopay.cn/event/30691251


SZJUG venue (TBD)

Date and Time

June 29th 7pm https://time.is/compare/1900_29_June_2017_in_Beijing/CET/London/New_York


Paul Verest 微保罗 SZJUG - Shenzhen Java User Group | 深圳Java用户组


- GitHub (company)

Always welcome new sponsors and supporters http://szjug.github.io/#sponsors.


  • please add your proposal as GitHub issue
  • or edit below and notify organizers


  • 19:00: Opening/Welcome/Talk 1
  • 19:30: Talk 2
  • 20:00: Talk 3
  • 20:30: Talk 4