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Eclipse DemoCamps Oxygen 2017/Braunschweig



Lindentwete 1
38100 Braunschweig
Tel. 0531/24330-0
Fax 0531/24330-99

Date and Time

8th August, 5pm


Alexandra Schladebeck BREDEX GmbH


Logo Bredex.jpgBREDEX GmbH

Zuehlke Logo rgb 100 2.png Zühlke Engineering




If you would like to present, enter your name and a short abstract and title.

Henning Treu (Deutsche Telekom AG): Eclipse SmartHome - Das Framework für Heimautomatisierungslösungen.

Eclipse SmartHome (ESH) dient als Framework für kommerzielle embedded Smarthome Lösungen und als Basis für das OpenSource Projekt openHAB. In der Demo stelle ich ESH und dessen Konzept kurz vor und zeige dann anhand von openHAB wie sich unterschiedliche Smarthome Technologien miteinander verbinden lassen."

Karsten Thoms (Itemis AG): A RESTful microservice for querying p2 repository contents.

To build target platforms or to resolve issues with unsatisfied dependencies during Eclipse feature install it is necessary to identify p2 repositories containing specific installable units. Currently there is no central place that lists all known p2 repositories and allows to query for their contents. To build such a database it is first required to access p2 metadata. As one building block a service that accesses p2 metadata is required. I will show how to build a minimal headless Equinox application that offers RESTful services through JAX-RS (implemented by Jersey) running on an embedded Jetty server and deployed to docker.

(Bredex GmbH): Automating tests in Jubula

Boris Adryan (Zühlke Engineering): A bird's eye view of Eclipse IoT

What is IoT, which software components are needed and what does Eclipse hold in store for you?

Marc Pellmann (Bosch): Eclipse Hono

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