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=== Organizer ===
=== Organizer ===
[ Niklas Bulitta],  [ itemis AG]
[ Niklas Bulitta] && [ Matthias Gutheil]
[ Matthias Gutheil], [ itemis AG]
=== Presenters ===
=== Presenters ===

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DemoCamp.png What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


itemis AG
Poppelsdorfer Allee 114
53115 Bonn

Date and Time

Monday, July 31th, 2017, 18:15


This Demo Camp will be sponsored by itemis AG, Eclipse strategic member and the leading company for model-driven software development.

Itemis pos-2.JPG

If your company is willing to co-sponsor this event, please contact Matthias Gutheil.


Niklas Bulitta && Matthias Gutheil



  • 18:15 - 18:30 Reception
  • 18:30 - 18:45 Opening
  • 21:45 - open end Eclipse Stammtisch

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to Matthias Gutheil.

  1. Niklas Bulitta, itemis AG
  2. Matthias Gutheil, itemis AG

Please add your name in alphabetical order.

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