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=== Presenters ===
=== Presenters ===
* '''Automatic Ontology Extraction with SMILA'''[ Igor Novakovic], [ empolis]
* '''Automatic Ontology Extraction with SMILA''' [ Igor Novakovic], [ empolis]
* '''Das ist hier Usus...'''[ (] - [ Leif Frenzel], [ Nicole Rauch],[ Stefan Schürle] - ([ andrena objects ag])
* '''Das ist hier Usus...'''[ (] - [ Leif Frenzel], [ Nicole Rauch],[ Stefan Schürle] - ([ andrena objects ag])
* '''EclipseRT (Runtime Project)''' Ben Muskalla, EclipseSource
* '''EclipseRT (Runtime Project)''' Ben Muskalla, EclipseSource

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Karlsruhe demoCamp, Thurs. December 3rd


  • Automatic Ontology Extraction with SMILA Igor Novakovic, empolis
  • Das ist hier Usus...( - Leif Frenzel, Nicole Rauch,Stefan Schürle - (andrena objects ag)
  • EclipseRT (Runtime Project) Ben Muskalla, EclipseSource
  • Horus - Business Process Management based on Eclipse RCP Johannes Michler, Horus software GmbH; Thomas Schuster, FZI
  • Running OSGi-based applications in the Cloud Markus Knauer, EclipseSource
  • SoMoX - The SOftware MOdel eXtractor is able to reverse engineer component models from source code Klaus Krogmann, KIT
  • Write once, test everywhere? Cross platform development and testing with Eclipse Markus Tiede, Bredex

Important Dates

DemoCamp: December 3, 2009, 17:00 - 20:00
Call for demos closes: Extended to November 6, 2009
Registration closes: November 29, 2009


FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik
Haid-und-Neu-Straße 10-14
76131 Karlsruhe

Nearest tram stop: Karl-Wilhelm-Platz

Eclipse Stammtisch

A Stammtisch will follow directly after the DemoCamp. Sign up for the Karlsruhe Stammtisch on doodle Space is limited so please let us know you'll be attending.


  • The Karlsruhe demoCamp is free of charge.
  • Reserve your place here.
  • Registration closes on 29 Nov. 2009
  • You can view the list of attendees on registration page.
  • Our venue is limited to a maximum audience of 80 people.


Email us at:

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