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Eclipse DemoCamps November 2008/Berlin/Abstracts

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Plugin reuse and adaptation with Object Teams: Don't settle for a compromise!

Stephan Herrmann, (TU Berlin)

When reusing existing plugins for something innovative, you're likely to do things the original plugin author has not anticipated. This typically brings about some kinds of compromise:

  • You adjust your requirements to what the reused plugins provide. Thus you settle for a different product than you intended.
  • Or, you refrain from reuse but develop everything from scratch, settling for much lower productivity.
  • Or, you apply some brute force method (like copy&paste) to get your job done, but then you settle for a brittle design, that is a pain to maintain.

With Object Teams it is possible to eat the cake (apply unanticipated adaptations by disciplined aspect bindings) and still have it (sustain a well modularized, maintainable design). OT/Equinox brings this power to the development of Eclipse plugins (Equinox bundles).

This demo will show several real world examples from the implementation of the OTDT itself. Included are adaptations of a variety of plugins like JDT, Debug, PDE, JUnit, Workbench etc.

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