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  [ Capgemini Deutschland GmbH]
  [ Capgemini Deutschland GmbH]
=== Organizer  ===
[ BSI Business Systems Integration AG]

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Engage in the Eclipse community this Summer at the Neon DemoCamp in Munich. If you are interested in Eclipse Topics, this is the event to attend in the larger Munich area.

During the break and after the talks enjoy the free beer, food and the opportunity to meet the available speakers and project leads.

Previous Democamps in Munich: 2015 Mars, 2014 Luna, 2013 Kepler, 2012 Juno


The demo camp will take place Capgemini Munich.

Olof-Palme-Straße 14
81829 München
Tel: +49 89-38338-0

See here for directions.

Date and Time

The DemoCamp will take place on Monday, June 20th at 18:00. Notice: the start time of the event is not final yet.


Upcoming: Registration via Eventbrite. Please note that admission is free but registration is mandatory. When you are registered and realize that you can't make it, please unregister. Registered people that are finally unable to attend are kindly asked to donate €10 to Eclipse.

Agenda (Proposals)

  • 1840s Industrial Revolution meets IoT, Florian Pirchner, Klemens Edler, Lunifera GmbH
  • Eclipse Che: Create Cloud IDEs with Eclipse Che: the Next-Gen Eclipse IDE, Stévan Le Meur, Codenvy
  • Get in form!, This demo shows news and noteworthy of the NEON release about EMF Forms and JSON Forms, including new view model elements, the new online editor, a new Ecore editor, and more. EclipseSource
  • Project specific eclipse deployment based on Oomph & oasp4j-ide, Malte Brunnlieb
  • Java9, This demo shows how to use the new Java9 module system, when developing applications Tom Schindl

Notice: We now have more proposals than slots. If you are interested in presenting, please submit your proposal to matthias(dot)zimmermann(at)bsi-software(dot)com. Let's try to get your presentation into the next democamp.


Interested in Sponsoring?: If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please submit your proposal to matthias(dot)zimmermann(at)bsi-software(dot)com.


BSI Business Systems Integration AG - Featured Link - Eclipse Scout

EclipseSource München GmbH - Featured Link - EMF Client Platform

Location Sponsor


Capgemini Deutschland GmbH


BSI Business Systems Integration AG

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