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* Mathilde Gradfort & Patrick Emin - Cluster Edit
* Mathilde Grandfort & Patrick Emin - Cluster Edit
* Thierry Jacquin - Xerox Research
* Thierry Jacquin - Xerox Research
* Sebastien Revol - CEA List
* Sebastien Revol - CEA List

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After last year event in Lyon Eclipse Day Rhone Alpes 2014, we are moving back to Grenoble this year for our new Rhone-Alpes Eclipse Day Event, to gather all Eclipse enthusiast in the area around technical presentations, discussions and code.

Après l'événement de l'année dernière Eclipse Day Rhone Alpes 2014 à Lyon, nous revenons à Grenoble pour une nouvelle édition Rhone-Alpes d'Eclipse Day, à seule fin de fédérer tous les pratiquants d'Eclipse autour de présentations techniques, de discussions et de sessions de codage.

Les présentations peuvent être proposées et données en français ou en anglais, selon la préférence des intervenants.

Location, date and Time

October 16th 2015, all day long.

Banner xrce.jpg
Xerox Research Centre Europe
6 chemin de Maupertuis
38240 Meylan, France

LatLong: 45.2173989, 5.7921349
Travel Information


This event is free but registration is mandatory. Place is limited so please register here!

Cette journée est gratuite, mais vous devez vous inscrire ici car le nombre de places est limité!


Hosting and Funding

This event will be hosted by Xer 3ln rgb.jpg


ClustedEdit.jpg Developpez.gif AlpesJUG.jpg


  • Mathilde Grandfort & Patrick Emin - Cluster Edit
  • Thierry Jacquin - Xerox Research
  • Sebastien Revol - CEA List
  • ..

Xer 3ln rgb.jpg ClustedEdit.jpg Logo cea list.jpg



The day will feature informal demos, presentations and discussions about cool Eclipse projects, ranging from research prototypes to fully-featured open-source and commercial offerings. Each presentation should be 20 minutes + 5 minutes of questions, doing the transition with next presentation. If you want to make something shorter, then we'll plan quickies (5 minutes). This tentative agenda is subject to change depending on the proposed talks.

Time Theme Presentation Presenter
9h25 Introduction::
  • About the event
  • Organizers & sponsors
  • Agenda
  • ClusterEdit
- -
9h30 Theme 1 Title 1 Presenter 1
... ... ... ...
11h00 - Coffee break


... ... ... ...
12h30 Open Discussions :-) Lunch All
13h00 Hands-on Codons ensemble

Coding together

All interested people!

Pour ceux qui veulent!

13h45 ... ... ...
15h30 - Coffee break


15h45 ... ... ...
17h00 debriefing, ideas for next Eclipse Day

suggestions pour le prochain Eclipse Day

Submissions and deadline

Submit your talk proposal here before September 30, 2015!

Soumettez votre présentation ici avant le 30 Septmbre 2015!

We are looking for talks that show:

  • Cool stuff in Eclipse (Eclipse insight)
  • Cool stuff with Eclipse (how you use Eclipse)
  • Cool stuff for Eclipse (what plugins you develop)

All technologies/projects/organizations/... are good for a presentation, while it relates to Eclipse. Good topics of presentations can either be: innovative projects, new technologies, best practices with Eclipse IDE, showcase of a nice RCP application...

You proposal should also include the possible formats. You can select either one, or both of them if you talk can suit to both standard and quicky format.

  • Standard talk (20 minutes of presentation + 5 minutes of questions)
  • Quicky (5 minutes to use as you want)

Note that as the schedule is quite tight, we can't allow any talks to be longer than announced. So make sure your presentation fits in the timeframe! It's better to make something shorter and have more time for questions than having something too long that you can't finish.

Some themes will structure the program and we foresee the following ones. If they really don't match with the proposed talks, use other. If some new themes seem to arise, we will add them on demand.

  • Techno - Modelling
  • Techno - Web dev
  • Techno - Continuous integration
  • Techno - Visualisation
  • Appli - Enterprise architecture
  • Appli - web
  • Appli - Mobile
  • Appli - Privacy
  • Appli - Big Data
  • Appli - IoT
  • ecosystem - Contribution
  • ecosystem - Community
  • ecosystem - business models
  • other

A speaker is allowed to present several talks. Presentations my be submitted either in French or in English.

Submit your talk here!

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