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Eclipse DemoCamps Luna 2014/Zurich/Session Abstracts

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Ein kleiner Reiseführer durch die Eclipse Welt

Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse und Java 8

Daniel Megert, IBM Schweiz

Xtext: What's new with Luna

Sven Efftinge, itemis AG

Visualizing EMF-models in 3D

At the Norwegian Marine Research Institute (MARINTEK) in Trondheim, Norway, we are using Eclipse RCP as a platform for a marine operations simulations workbench. One important aspect of this workbench is it’s ability to aid simulation modeling through a 3D graphics editor. In this presentation I will demonstrate how the application can be used, and also show how we’ve coupled the simulation EMF-model to 3D-graphics. Brace yourself for some big waves :-)

Torkild Ulvøy Resheim is a Senior software developer, consultant and Eclipse committer. Working at Itema AS.

EMap - Map your EMF-Models to an SQL-Database

Many people today use Teneo&JPA to map their EMF-Objects to a relational database so did we but as our model was growing and we had deploy the application on devices with CPU and memory constraints those 2 technologies didn't do the job anymore.

After looking into various technologies we decided develop a small DSL to express the mappings and generate Java-Code out of it. We set out the main features for the initial version:

  • Allow users to use native SQL queries
  • Support lazy-loading & FETCH JOINs
  • efficient & easy to debug Java-Code
  • Integrate into OSGi without any hacks

In future we'll add more features like database schema generation, ... .

Tom Schindl is co-founder of a tech company located in Tyrol, Austria. He's project lead of e(fx)clipse which provide JavaFX-Tooling for the Eclipse IDE, EMF and Eclipse Platform committer. Language: English / German whatever is preferred (slides always in English)

Eclipse Scout: Cloud Backend, Automatic Documentation and other Luna features

Andreas Hoegger, Matthias Zimmermann, BSI Business Systems Integration AG

Flying sharks and m2m

Klemens Edler, Florian Pirchner, Lunifera GmbH

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