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Eclipse DemoCamps Luna 2014/London

Bloomberg is hosting an Eclipse hackathon at their offices in London.

Date: May 31 Time: 10:00AM - 5:00PM

Location: Bloomberg LP, 38-50 Finsbury Square, London

Lunch, snacks and beverages will be provided, along with power and wireless (only) Internet access

Anyone wishing to attend will need to email no later than 24 hours before the event. Attendees will need to be prepared to show government-issued ID to enter the building.

403899 	Renaming a plugin should also affect an e4 fragment.e4xmi
TAKEN 429595 	Application Model Editor should clearly display which parameters are mandatory
429674 	Application Model Editor moves only single element in case multiple elements are selected
434825 	[e4xmi] Add sketch preview for Window/Perspective/Sash/Part
279838 	[CSS] Resource loading extensions
428248 	[CSS] Invisible Console output causes Console Tab shimmering and JUnit Test counts flickering
TAKEN 430870 	Appearance preference page: Description field not set/updated and too large
TAKEN 135222 	[PerspectiveBar] Add "Open In New Window" context menu to Perspective-Switcher
214974 	[Workbench] Allow Workbench UI state to save/restore to user-provided Input/Output Streams
FINISHED 394231 	Split "org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.addons.swt" so that the Addons can be used separatedly
419823 	SWT Renderer: Mnemonic for MMenuElement is only honored for MHandledMenuItem elements
424127 	Consider ApplicationWorkbenchAdvisor.openWindows() in Eclipse4 startup
TAKEN 209780 	Prevent moving project to a non-empty directory
TAKEN 37183 	[WorkingSets] need "oldValue" for IWorkingSet PropertyChangeEvent
79991 	[EditorMgmt] 'File > Save As' doesn't update navigation history
200059 	[Preferences] Quitting Eclipse by Menu Loses Local Settings
TAKEN 264072 	[WorkbenchLauncher] Restart askes for the workspace to run
274005 	[Themes] "Colors and Fonts": expand all property tree
331645 	[Workbench] EventBroker#unsubscribe is not working when same eventhandler registered for more than one topic
345608 	[patch][Markers] Horrible performance removing markers from Problems View taking hours to do the job
362532 	[CSS] Re-enable dynamic CSS pseudo-classes
365592 	[Workbench] UI Event subscriber should use @UIEventTopic instead of EventBroker.subscribe where possible
366708 	[Workbench] Workbench.openWorkbenchWindow() calls createWorkbenchWindow 10 times
378939 	[Workbench] Request to close the lifecycle of the application model
387714 	[CSS] Tag changes are not propagated as CSS class
TAKEN 388505 	[Workbench] "Show In" menu doesn't use MRU order any more
395205 	[CSS] Allow custom renderers to be defined using CSS
418661 	[Metadata] Get rid of compile warnings in platform projects in official build
423056 	[Intro] Restore welcome hyperlink on Welcome page does not work if view is maximized
429546 	[Browsers] org.eclipse.ui.internal.browser.ExternalBrowserInstance.openUrl() which also has "-ingognito" does a towLower on URL string;
TAKEN 432480 	[Workbench] [Preferences] Preferences -> General -> Workspace should show workspace location and have option show Workspace location
83985 	[About] The About Feature Dialog does not show indirect plug-ins
TAKEN 429870 	[Import/Export] "Import > Existing Projects into Workspace" should offer typical root directories
393171 	Remove delta migration code
435912 	[e4] native bundles should adopt new translation feature
TAKEN 436034 	Informations of deprecated are lost
TAKEN 436251 	Add possibility set the unselected hover color for CTabRendering 

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