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Eclipse DemoCamps Luna 2014/Braunschweig

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg


Braunschweig, Öffentliche Versicherung, Theodor-Heuss-Straße

Date and Time

17th June


Alexandra Schladebeck, BREDEX GmbH Stefan Reichert, Zühlke


Bredex.pngBREDEX GmbH
Zuehlke Logo rgb 100 2.png Zühlke Engineering

If you would like to be a sponsor of this event, please contact Alexandra Schladebeck via

Agenda (Work in Progress)

  • 17.00-17.15: Introduction
  • 17.15-17.35: Demo 1
  • 17.35-17.55: Demo 2
  • 17.55-18.15: Demo 3
  • 18.15-18.35: Break
  • 18.35-18.55: Demo 4
  • 18.55-19.15: Demo 5
  • 19.15-19.35: Break
  • 19.35-19.55: Demo 6
  • 19.55-20.15: (Possible Demo 7)
  • 20.15-20.30: (Possible Demo 8)


If you would like to present at this event, please add your name below.

  • "Crowd-Sourcing, Code-Snippets, and more: What Eclipse Code Recommenders has been to up for Luna" Andreas Sewe, Codetrails
  • "Flying sharks with m2m" Florian Pirchner
  • "Jubula and JavaFX" BREDEX GmbH
  • TBD Tom Schindl
  • "Oomph: Automatically Provision a Project-specific IDE", Eike Stepper
  • TBD Zühlke

Who Is Attending

The Eventbrite page will open in the next weeks. If you want to be notified when it opens, contact us at

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