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Eclipse DemoCamps Kepler 2013/Beijing

Eclipse 展示营地 开普勒 2013 北京

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg

Intro 介绍

What is an Eclipse DemoCamp? | Eclipse 展示营地是什么?



这个是没费的活动为了中国开发员和在中国住的老外。 演讲用中文,英文都可以。

Location 场地

TBD (Venue sponsor is needed) & Internet

Date and Time 时间

These dates and times are provisional, i.e. for the present time but can change.

  • Thursday, June 27th 7pm | 2013 6月27号 周四 (Speakers meeting or warming-up Camp: OSGi by Marcel Offermans, Eclipse Scout by Matthias Zimmermann)

Compare time


  • Saturday, June 29th 2pm to 6 pm | 6月29号 周六 2点到6点

possibly adding 2-3 hours 11am to 5pm, to let US/Canada presenters speak.

Compare time

Organizer 组织者

Paul Verest Paul Verest Weibl-funshion-com2.PNG

JVMs and Node.js User Groups (Java, Groovy, Scala, Android, JavaScript)

+86 187 01029146, software architect at Funshion风行在线

Sponsors 赞助

This Eclipse DemoCamp will be promoted by the Eclipse Foundation Eclipse.png

  • Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the open-source Eclipse Projects.

If you or your company would like to sponsor the venue, please get in touch with Paul VerestWeibl-funshion-com2.PNG +86 187 01029146.

如果您或您的公司想赞助场地,请联系伟保罗Weibl-funshion-com2.PNG , QQ 908781544 。

Agenda 议程

Anyone can do presentation! Just decide on topic and contact organizers.

Expected topics:

  1. Eclipse organization and projects | Eclipse组织和项目介绍
  2. Eclipse VJET
  3. Open source story Nodeclipse
  4. "Modeling and Programming going hand in hand with UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE" by Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions
  5. Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks by Rabea Gransberger
  6. "Eclipse 4 Programming Model" by Jin Mingjian
  7. Eclipse eTrice by Thomas Schuetz (15-60min)
  8. Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies by Andreas Graf,

Possible topics, speakers are needed! 可能的主题,需要呈献者:

  • Eclipse 4.3 Kepler
  • OSGi
  • Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) project
  • Eclipse JavaFX e(fx)clipse
  • Spring IDE & STS
  • Scala IDE
  • e(fx)clipse JavaFX 2 Development and JavaFX renderer for Eclipse runtime.
  • VJET JavaScript IDE (incubation)
  • Eclipse RAP 2.1
  • Eclipse Orion 3.0
  • Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT)
  • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • PyDev Python IDE
  • Node.js development with Eclipse
  • Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project
  • Any topic that YOU want

If you would like to give a demo, contact organizer. 如果你想给一个演示,请联系组织者。


If you added your demo to the list above, please add a short abstract to this list so people know what you will be talking about.

  • Modeling and Programming going hand in hand with UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE (by Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions)
Model-based software development automates boilerplate code writing by code generation, but restricts developers - often severely - when it comes to manual editing and refactoring at code level. Not so with UML Lab. UML Lab is based on Eclipse RCP and is deeply integrated into the Eclipse IDE. It re-uses existing technologies and combines them in a new, productive way. In the demo I'll show how UML Lab seamlessly combines modeling and coding with an intuitive UML diagram editor and next-gen round-trip engineering. I'll start with importing a legacy software project to get a nice UML class diagram and continue editing model and source code - each operation updates the other instantly. I'll show how to gain overview by reverse engineering, boost your productivity by combining modeling with coding and utilize the full potential of model-based software development through truly agile modeling and programming.
  • Eclipse 4 Programming Model by Jin Mingjian
  •  Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies by Andreas Graf,
Eclipse is not only used as a platform for software engineering, but also for systems engineering. A number of graphical notations for these disciplines exists, but especially for the newest approaches graphical editors are few (EAST-ADL, AUTOSAR). In this talk we will show how we used model driven technologies (Xtext, Xtend) to efficiently create a number of graphical editors based on Graphiti. The technology implemented in the IMES research project is a good demonstration on how custom DSLs improve your development process. Six different graphical editors are all concisely described with a domain specific language (different from the Spray! project), making refactoring, bug fixing and implementation of new features very efficient.

Who Is Attending | 谁参加?怎么注册?

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below:

  1. Paul Verest, Funshion Online
  2. Jin Mingjian, Oracle BDC(Beijing Development Center)
  3. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions via
  4. Michael Isvy, Spring Source
  5. ...

Remotely (no service guarantees)

  1. Peter Cheng


use to register and view the list of registered participants. Registration is free. | 在 可以没费注册。

News 新闻

Marketplace Installs by Country April 10th 2013


For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Weibo etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Eclipse DemoCamp in Beijing, please use the tag "#democampbeijing" in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the event! | 请用#democampbeijing#标签微博一下。

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