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(Who Is Attending)
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# Myles Feichtinger, [ Tasktop]
# Myles Feichtinger, [ Tasktop]
# Lucas Panjer, [ Tasktop]
# Lucas Panjer, [ Tasktop]
# Stanley Fung

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


UBC Robson Square, Room C400 (after party at the Lennox Pub)

Date and Time

June 27, 2011
6:00pm-8:00pm (Demo Camp)
8:00pm-late (Pub)


  • Andrew Eisenberg, VMWare (email aeisenberg at
  • Dominika Lacka, Tasktop (email: dominika.lacka at


This year, the Eclipse Demo Camp is being sponsored by:


Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to the organizers.

  1. Ralph Mueller, Eclipse Foundation
  2. Wesley Coelho, Tasktop
  3. Arash Ghavami, Safeway Inc. Canada
  4. Atanas Roussev, HTTP4e - Ywebb Consulting
  5. Roxana Hedayat
  6. Gail Murphy, Tasktop UBC CS
  7. Lin Zhu
  8. Mike Blackstock, MAGIC UBC Sense Tecnic Systems
  9. Ebrahim Bagheri, AthabascaU
  10. Salvador Valencia, Douglas College
  11. Chuck Hill, Global Village Consulting
  12. Ian Robbins
  13. Robin Salkeld, SAP UBC CS
  14. Yanik Berube, Tantalus Systems Corp.
  15. Taivo Evard, Allura Direct
  16. Aman Bhatia, SmartPics
  17. Adib Saikali, Programming Mastery
  18. Lois Patterson, QuIC Financial Technologies
  19. Geoff Denning, Elastic Path
  20. Emmanuel Kayembe Ilunga, Ilunga Consulting
  21. Suman Lohani Cognizant Technology
  22. Arman Sharif, Elastic Path
  23. Shawn Minto, Tasktop
  24. Godfrey Hobbs
  25. Abudureyimu Abulimiti SITA Canada
  26. Vincent Pucheux, Sierra Wireless
  27. David Green, Tasktop
  28. Sébastien Launay, Sierra Wireless
  29. Peter Chin
  30. Nieraj Singh
  31. Nick Sawadsky UBC CS
  32. Luis Masaya
  33. Adrian de Silva
  34. Celso D. Siado, DFC Wireless, Inc.
  35. Zhuoli Jiang SFU CS
  36. Salehen Shovon Rahman SFU Software Systems
  37. Myles Feichtinger, Tasktop
  38. Lucas Panjer, Tasktop
  39. Stanley Fung

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