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Eclipse DemoCamps Indigo 2011/Grenoble

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


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Xerox Research Centre Europe

6 chemin de Maupertuis

38240 Meylan, France

Travel Information

Date and Time

28 June 2011, 14h30


Demo Camp Grenoble Photos on Picasa


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  • Adrian Mos - Xerox Research
  • Thierry Jacquin, Xerox Research
  • Jean-Pierre Chanod, Xerox Research
  • Mickael Istria - BonitaSoft / PetalsLink


The day will feature informal demos, presentations and discussions about cool Eclipse projects, ranging from research prototypes to fully-featured open-source and commercial offerings.

Each presentation should be 15 minutes + 5 minutes of questions, doing the transition with next presentation.

  • 14h30 - 14h40 « About the event » by Adrian Mos (slides)

Indigo & projects

  • 14h45 - 14h55 « What's new in Indigo? » by Mickael Istria (slides)
  • 15h00 - 15h15 « WindowBuilder demo » by Mickael Istria
  • 15h20 - 15h35 « First steps with Memory Analyzer Tool » by Aurélien Pupier (slides)
  • 15h40 - 16h10 « SCA Tools and BPEL Designer: New & Noteworthy » by Vincent Zurczak (Slides - SCA Tools) / (Slides - BPEL Designer)
  • 16h15 - 16h30 « Overview of the Eclipse Modeling Stack » by Mickael Istria & Aurélien Pupier (slides)

  • 16h30 - 17h Coffee Break.

Case studies: What people do with Eclipse

  • 17h - 17h15 « Leveraging Modeling Stack in your application: Bonita Open Solution Case Study » by Aurélien Pupier (slides)
  • 17h20 - 17h40 « From design & development to live collaboration in the SOA Space, using Eclipse Mangrove and EasySOA Core » by Alain Boulze & Marc Dutoo (slides)
  • 17h45 - 18h « Overview of the Xeproc DSL and its Integration with Eclipse SOA Editors » by Thierry Jacquin and Adrian Mos (slides)
  • 18h05 - 18h20 « Hunspell4Eclipse : the Eclipse’s Spell Checking Service based on the Hunspell spelling tool » by Olivier Gattaz (slides)
  • 18h25 - 18h40 « Using Eclipse to Create a Training Tool for Image Categorization: Functionality and Challenges » by Hervé Poirier
  • 18h45 - 19h « ReST Editor : a reStructuredText editor » by Thomas Calmant (slides)

  • 19h - ... Unconference in a bar of the center of Grenoble (announced during the DemoCamp)

Who Is Attending

NOTE: Deadline for registrations is Friday 24, 2011.


Please add your name and affiliation here. You can also add your name to the list at and we'll merge the lists. Alternatively you can send an email to adrian.mos at and we'll register you.

  1. Adrian Mos, Xerox Research
  2. Thierry Jacquin, Xerox Research
  3. Jean-Pierre Chanod, Xerox Research
  4. Vincent Zurczak, Petals Link
  5. Mickael Istria, BonitaSoft / PetalsLink
  6. Thomas Calmant, isandlaTech
  7. Olivier Gattaz, isandlaTech
  8. Aurélien Pupier, BonitaSoft
  9. Joao Americo, Laboratoire d'informatique de Grenoble
  10. Alain Boulze, EasiFab
  11. Marc Dutoo, Open Wide
  12. Etienne Gandrille, Laboratoire d'informatique de Grenoble
  13. Jerome Correnoz, ST Microelectronics
  14. Bassem Khadige, Proxiad
  15. Manuel Selva, ST Microelectronics
  16. Fy Ravoajanahary, RaisePartner
  17. Christelle Burguera, ST Microelectronics
  18. Gaël Lalire, Bull
  19. Hervé Poirier, Xerox Research
  20. Guillaume Jacquet, Xerox Research
  21. Errol Inan
  22. Jesus Arturo Escobedo Cabello
  23. Matthew Gerring, ESRFData Analysis Workbench
  24. Miguel Santana, ST Microelectronics
  25. François Exertier, Bull
  26. Jacques Cayuela, Bull
  27. Jihane Haddad
  28. Guillaume Porcher, Bull


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