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| 18:40 - 19:00
| 18:40 - 19:00
| '''Eclipse Remus''' (Tom Seidel)
| '''RAP 1.4 New and Noteworthy Demo''' (Markus Knauer, EclipseSource)
| 19:00 - 19:20
| 19:00 - 19:20

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Charité Berlin - Campus Mitte
Charitéplatz 1
10117 Berlin

The demo camp will take place in the Hörsaal Medizinische Klinik (Hörsaal Südflügel) in the Sauerbruch Weg 2 on the Charité Campus Mitte (CCM)

Follow this campus map to the location.

Date and Time

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, 17:30

Preliminary schedule:

Meet 17:30 - 18:00
Greets (Organizers, Sponsors, Mike Milinkovich) 18:00 - 18:20
Eclipse Orion (Mike Milinkovich) 18:20 - 18:40
Eclipse STEM (Matthias Filter, BfR) 18:40 - 19:00
RAP 1.4 New and Noteworthy Demo (Markus Knauer, EclipseSource) 19:00 - 19:20
Break 19:20 - 19:50
Functional Testing with Jubula (Oliver Goetz, BREDEX GmbH) 19:50 - 20:10
Cross-Platform, Mobile Development with APPlause (Heiko Behrens, itemis) 20:10 - 20:30
Modeling in Distributed Teams with UML Lab (Manuel Bork) 20:30 - 20:50
CDO 3D (Eike Stepper and Martin Flügge) 20:50 - 21:10


This Demo Camp will be sponsored by

GK Software AG
Logo GK Software AG.png

Yatta Solutions GmbH
Yatta Solutions GmbH

Charité - Institut für Pathologie - AG Digitale Pathologie und IT

If your company is willing to sponsor this event, please contact Eike Stepper.


Eike Stepper, ES Computersysteme

Martin Flügge, MFTechnologies


  1. Mike Milinkovich: Eclipse Orion Demo
  2. Eike Stepper: CDO 3D
  3. Tom Seidel: Eclipse Remus Demo
  4. Manuel Bork: Modeling in distributed Teams with UML Lab
  5. One of the guys from BREDEX: Functional Testing with Jubula
  6. Matthias Filter or a colleague at Federal Institute for Risk Assessment(BfR): Eclipse STEM Demo
  7. Heiko Behrens: Cross-Platform, Mobile Development with APPlause

The list is now closed as the 7 slots are filled.

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name, email and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to Eike Stepper.

  1. Eike Stepper, ES Computersysteme
  2. Martin Flügge, MFTechnologies
  3. Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
  4. Tom Seidel, Independent
  5. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions
  6. Matthias Filter, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment(BfR)
  7. Jan Wigger, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment(BfR) and/or
  8. Armin A. Weiser, Ph.D, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment(BfR) and/or
  9. Dirk Reuter, Ph.D, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment(BfR)
  10. Lars Martin, itemis AG
  11. Matthias Köster, NumberFour AG
  12. Ian Formanek, NumberFour AG
  13. René Böttge, data experts gmbh
  14. Stefan Bicher, data experts gmbh
  15. Stephan Herrmann, GK Software AG
  16. Siamak Haschemi, Research Training Group METRIK
  17. Volker Wegert, HELIOS IT Service GmbH
  18. Bernd Jürgen Schadei, Freelancer
  19. Patricia Lipp, Immobilien Scout
  20. Martin Käs, SRZ Berlin
  21. Heiko Ahlig, Bundeswehr
  22. Carsten Reckord, Yatta Solutions
  23. Markus Knauer, EclipseSource
  24. Michael Buchwaldt, Charité Berlin
  25. Eric Schumann, Charité Berlin
  26. Matthias Wetzel, Charité Berlin
  27. Wolfgang Büchner, Freelancer
  28. Detlef Gerlich, Freelancer
  29. Martin Schmidt, Research Training Group METRIK
  30. P. Ottlinger, Neofonie GmbH
  31. Lukas Olbrich, TU Berlin
  32. Benjamin Armbruster, Neofonie GmbH
  33. Jörg Kalok, clarq technologies AG
  34. Daniel Meisen, CoServices Unternehmensdienstleistungen GmbH
  35. Tom Ritter, Tom Ritter Fraunhofer FOKUS
  36. Jürgen Schönig, Carmeq GmbH
  37. Ralph Bergmann, Freelancer
  38. Andreas Semt, ProfitBricks GmbH
  39. Jaroslav Svacina, Fraunhofer FIRST
  40. Eric Hubert, JESTA DIGITAL GmbH
  41. Wolfram Schädel, Charité Berlin
  42. Aleksander Kosicki, NumberFour AG
  43. Alex Panchenko, NumberFour AG
  44. Jens Bräuer, NumberFour AG
  45. Florian Zoepke, IBM
  46. Jacob Schwarz, IBM
  47. Christian Lange, GIPA mbH
  48. Markus Seltmann, GIPA mbH
  49. Lars-Peter Reich, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
  50. Karsten Gebauer, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
  51. Jan Phillip Bolle, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
  52. Sven Kube, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH
  53. Jenny Gabriel, HiSolutions AG
  54. Oliver Goetz, BREDEX GmbH
  55. Gabriela Kreyssing, Axway GmbH
  56. Christian Heinrich, Axway GmbH
  57. Thomas Kistel (Technische Hochschule Wildau)
  58. Ole Wendlandt (Technische Hochschule Wildau)
  59. Enrico Radach (E.Novation BTC GmbH)
  60. Michał Tkacz, Freelancer
  61. Rafał Siwik, Freelancer
  62. Vinzenz Heine (LoeScap Technology GmbH)

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