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#[ Christoph Kulla]  
#[ Christoph Kulla]  
#Florian Laabs, HHLA
#Florian Laabs, HHLA
#[ Thomas Wagner]

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Fiefstücken 8a
22299 Hamburg


Date and Time

Friday, July 9th, 2010, 6:00pm


  • Peter Friese, itemis
  • Martin Lippert, it-agile


If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please feel free to add your name and topic to the list. Please note: the final program for the DemoCamp will be curated by Martin and Peter.

  1. Ralf Ebert, [1], "UI integration testing with SWTBot", "How to contribute to Eclipse", or "Introduction to distributed version control with Git" (pick one that fits best, depends on the date if I'm available)
  2. Lars Vogel , Developing with e4 - depends on date if I can attend
  3. Erhard Weinell, UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE
  4. Jürgen Becker, UI with style - a new SWT platform that is based on Qt [2]
  5. Sebastian Zarnekow, Xtext - A Language Development Framework, Live demo of new and noteworthy features in Xtext
  6. Heiko Behrens, Build your own iPhone app within minutes - thanks to Eclipse

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below.

  1. Peter Friese, itemis AG
  2. Heiko Behrens, itemis AG
  3. Ralf Ebert
  4. Markus Alexander Kuppe
  5. Holger Schill, itemis AG
  6. Moritz Eysholdt, itemis AG
  7. Jan Köhnlein, itemis AG
  8. Lars Vogel, - depends on date
  9. Nils Hartmann
  10. Thomas Kratz
  11. Erhard Weinell, Yatta Solutions
  12. Jürgen Becker, compeople AG
  13. Markus These, SEVEN PRINCIPLES
  14. Martin Lippert, it-agile GmbH
  15. Alex Bepple, it-agile GmbH
  16. Torsten Köster, Deutscher Ring Versicherungsgruppe
  17. Jörg Groß
  18. Christian Hempe, Consist Software Solutions GmbH
  19. Christian Hempe, Consist Software Solutions GmbH
  20. Christian Rataj-Weinreben, Suzlon Energy GmbH
  21. Maik Teske, Suzlon Energy GmbH
  22. Christoph Kulla
  23. Florian Laabs, HHLA
  24. Thomas Wagner

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