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Eclipse DemoCamps Galileo 2009

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From May 18 to June 26, we are inviting individuals to organize and attend Eclipse DemoCamps around the world to celebrate the Galileo release. The Eclipse DemoCamps are an opportunity to showcase all of the cool interesting technology being built by the Eclipse community. They are also an opportunity for you to meet Eclipse enthusiasts in your city. You don't need to be a software developer to attend!

The format of a DemoCamp is pretty informal. The idea is for a group of Eclipse enthusiasts to meet up and demo what they are doing with Eclipse. The demos can be of research projects, Eclipse open source projects, applications based on Eclipse, commercial products using Eclipse or whatever you think might be of interest to the attendees. The only stipulation is that it must be Eclipse related.

Click on a city below to find out details and to let the organizers know you plan on attending. Some cities have not finalized a date or location but we still encourage you to let the organizer know you would like to attend.

See more information on organizing a democamp

Eclipse-camp.gif Scheduled DemoCamps

  • Austin, TX, USA - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Bangalore, India - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Berlin, Germany - June 9; 18:00 - 21:00; Location: Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems, Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
  • Budapest, Hungary - June 18, 19:00; Location: Portugal Cafe, 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 40.
  • Coimbatore, India - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Darmstadt, Germany - June 23, 17:00; Location: Deutsche Telekom AG, Products & Innovation, T-Online-Allee 1, 64295 Darmstadt
  • Detroit, MI, USA - June 17; Location: Compuware Corporation, One Campus Martius
  • Hamburg, Germany - May 25, 18:00 - 21:00 plus Stammtisch; Location: EAST Hotel, Hamburg
  • Hyderabad, India - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Indonesia (Bandung, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Surabaya) - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Krakow , Poland - June 20; Location: TBD
  • Leipzig, Germany - June 23; 17:00-21:00; Location: Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz, Johannesplatz 1, Leipzig
  • Lisbon, Portugal - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • London, UK - June 29, 18:30-20:30; Location: SkillsMatter, 1 Sekforde St, Clerkenwell
  • Munich, Germany - Date TBD; Location: MicroDoc GmbH, Elektrastr. 6
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada - June 18, 19:00-22:00; Location: Heart & Crown Preston Street, 353 B Preston St.
  • Portland, OR, USA - June 17, 19:00-21:00; Location: Lucky Lab Beer Hall, 1945 NW Quimby, Portland
  • Poznan, Poland - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Redwood Shores, CA, USA - June 17; Location: TBD
  • Stockholm, Sweden - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Stuttgart, Germany - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Szeged, Hungary - Date TBD; Location: TBD
  • Tel Aviv, Israel - June 25; Location: Zend Technologies, 12 Abba Hillel St., Ramat Gan
  • Toronto, ON, Canada - May 21; Location: Red Hat, 2323 Yonge Street, Toronto
  • Toulouse, France - June 23; Location: Cité de l'Espace, Avenue Jean Gonord
  • Utrecht, Netherlands - June 11, 18:30; Location: De Middenhof, Duetlaan 1-3, 3438 TA Nieuwegein
  • Walldorf, Germany - May 19, 17:00, plus Happy Hour; Location: SAP AG, Building WDF05, Room S3, Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 20
  • Warszawa, Poland - Date TBD; Location: MIMUW s.5440, ul. Banacha 2

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