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Eclipse DemoCamps 2018/Darmstadt

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Engage in the Eclipse and Java community this Summer at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Darmstadt. If you are interested in Open Source, Eclipse Projects, Java and more, this is the event to attend!

During the break and after the talks enjoy the networking, free beer, food and the opportunity to meet the speakers and project leads.

Note: This event will be held in English!


The demo camp will take place at the Deutsche Telekom office in T-Online-Allee 1, 64295 Darmstadt.

Date and Time

The DemoCamp will take place on Wednesday, June 20th at 18:00.


This DemoCamp is sponsored by Qivicon

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  • 17:30 - 18:00 Arrival
  • 18:00 - 18:10 Welcome / Opening
  • 18:10 - 18:30 Approaching Light Speed - News from the Eclipse Photon Platform - Karsten Thoms, itemis
  • 18:30 - 19:10 Spring Tools 4 and the Language Server Protocol Explained - Martin Lippert, Pivotal
  • 19:10 - 19:30 Hands-on: Digital Twins with Eclipse Ditto - Daniel Fesenmeyer, Bosch SI
  • 19:30 - 19:50 Break, Snacks
  • 19:50 - 20:10 From JEE to Jakarta EE: On the way to Cloud Native Java - Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation
  • 20:10 - 20:30 MicroProfile: Innovationsschmiede für Jakarta EE - Thilo Frotscher
  • 20:30 - 20:50 Understanding the Smart Home - Kai Kreuzer, Deutsche Telekom
  • 20:50 - 21:00 Closing and Wrap-up
  • 21:00 - 22:00 Networking with pretzels and beer!

Registration / Who Is Attending

The event is free and open to anyone interested, but for the planning, we require you to register. Please note that you will be asked to prove your identity (ID card or driver license) for being allowed into the building!

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to Kai Kreuzer.

  1. Kai Kreuzer, Deutsche Telekom AG
  2. Jochen Hiller, Deutsche Telekom AG
  3. Simon Kaufmann, Deutsche Telekom AG
  4. Stefan Triller, Deutsche Telekom AG
  5. Jörn Hameister, Deutsche Telekom AG & JUG Darmstadt
  6. Falk Sippach, Orientation in Objects GmbH & JUG Darmstadt
  7. Jan Westerkamp, Sensor Aktor GmbH & JUG Darmstadt
  8. Kai Steuernagel, Deutsche Telekom AG
  9. Martin Lippert, Pivotal
  10. Susan Iwai, Eclipse Foundation
  11. Oliver Kuhn, SUBITO
  12. David Law, ap consult GmbH
  13. Rolf Masfelder, NECTOR IT-Services
  14. Andreas Sewe, CQSE GmbH
  15. Amit Kumar Mondal, Deutsche Telekom AG
  16. Andreas Schaller GSI
  17. Andreas Kraft, Deutsche Telekom T-Labs
  18. Michael Röschter, Azul
  19. André Füchsel, Deutsche Telekom AG

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