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(Who Is Attending)
(Who Is Attending)
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# [ Chris Goldthorpe], IBM
# [ Chris Goldthorpe], IBM
# [ Vincent Vu], Trimet
# [ Vincent Vu], Trimet
# [ Christian Pich], University of Oregon

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Eclipse-camp.gif What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


McMenamins Kennedy School
The Room has changed - we will now be in The Gymnasium


(picture courtesy of

Date and Time

June 24, 2008
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


InstantiationsLogo.jpg       Innoopractlogo.gif


Tina Kvavle, Instantiations
Anne Jacko, Eclipse Foundation


We still need presenters! If you would like to present at the DemoCamp, please contact Tina Kvavle. Our current list of presenters is below, and the detailed demo description page is here.

  1. Rob Ryan, Instantiations CodePro AnalytiX
  2. Rob Ryan, Instantiations WindowBuilder Pro
  3. Chris Elford, TPTP Profiler Enhancements
  4. Joe Hoffman, dynaTrace Diagnostics GUI
  5. Elias Volanakis, Java-based web-apps with Eclipse RAP
  6. Chris Goldthorpe, Little Known Secrets of the Eclipse Help System

Who Is Attending

If you would like to attend, please add your name to the list below (click the "log in" link on the upper right corner of this page to log in to Bugzilla and turn on wiki editing). Thank you.

These are the confirmed attendees:

  1. Tina Kvavle, Instantiations
  2. Anne Jacko, Eclipse Foundation
  3. Rob Ryan, Instantiations
  4. Phil Quitslund, Instantiations
  5. Mike Taylor, Instantiations
  6. Byron Palmer, TriMet
  7. Adam Cabler, Mathstar
  8. Michael Petrotta, Intel
  9. Gary Wasserman, IBM
  10. Powell Quiring, IBM
  11. Marc Chamberlin, JPrise Inc.
  12. Ed Averill, JPrise Inc.
  13. Hugo Matus, Fujitsu Consulting.
  14. Dave Cain, Powermand, Inc.
  15. Darin Swanson, IBM
  16. Pete Steinfeld, IBM
  17. Steve Hall, Tektronix
  18. Howard Abrams
  19. Sean Adkinson, Web Insight Technology
  20. Sam Keen
  21. Peat Bakke, Blue Hill Solutions
  22. George Mukalel Synarc
  23. Jon Giron, Raytheon
  24. Tony Freixas, Tiger Heron LLC
  25. Tomoko Sekiguchi, University of Oregon
  26. Chris Elford, Intel Corporation
  27. Joe Hoffman, dynaTrace
  28. Elias Volanakis, Innoopract
  29. Jim Tyhurst, Tyhurst Technology Group LLC
  30. Stephen Brothers, MIC Customs Solutions
  31. Justin Early, eBay
  32. Chris Goldthorpe, IBM
  33. Vincent Vu, Trimet
  34. Christian Pich, University of Oregon

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