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(6. Details)
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Dr. Tom Ritter, [ Fraunhofer FOKUS] <br>
Dr. Tom Ritter, [ Fraunhofer FOKUS] <br>
[ Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation] <br>
[ Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation] <br>
Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation  <br>

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1. Location

Fraunhofer-Forum Berlin
Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 2
10178 Berlin

2. Date and Time

May 12th, 2016

Opening: 1.00 pm
Presentations and Demos: 1.30 pm - 7.00 pm

3. Organizer

Dr. Tom Ritter, Fraunhofer FOKUS

4. Sponsors

The Eclipse DemoCamp will be sponsored by Fraunhofer FOKUS and the Eclipse Foundation.

• The Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems FOKUS is resarching and developing demand-oriented solutions for partners in industry, research and public administration.
• Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the open-source Eclipse Projects.

If you or your company would like to sponsor the venue, please get in touch with Tom.

5. Agenda

If you would like to give a demo, please feel free to add it tot he list. Should we receive more submissions than we can fit into the schedule, we will select the ones that we think are most interesting to the audience.

1.00 pm Registration
1.30 pm Opening
1.40 pm Keynote Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
?.?? pm Introduction to Eclipse Oomph, Eike Stepper (Oomph project lead)

6. Details

If you added your demo to the list above, please add a short abstract to this list so people know what you will be talking about.

Introduction to Eclipse Oomph

This demo of Oomph's Eclipse Installer shows how to install preconfigured Eclipse IDEs and how to quickly customize them to your specific needs.

7. Who is attending

Dr. Tom Ritter, Fraunhofer FOKUS
Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation
Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation

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