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#Eclipse Java IDE Tips and Tricks (How to work more effectively) by Rabea Gransberger (30-60min)
#Eclipse Java IDE Tips and Tricks (How to work more effectively) by Rabea Gransberger (30-60min)
#"Eclipse 4 Programming Model" (中文) by Jin Mingjian
#"Eclipse 4 Programming Model" (中文) by Jin Mingjian
#Eclipse eTrice by Thomas Schuetz (15-60min)
#Development of Embedded Systems with eTrice by Thomas Schuetz, (15-60min)
#Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies | 使用模型驱动技术实现图形编辑器 by Andreas Graf (戈安迪),
#Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies | 使用模型驱动技术实现图形编辑器 by Andreas Graf (戈安迪),
#Internal DSLs with Xtend, by Karsten Thoms and Moritz Eysholdt,
#Internal DSLs with Xtend, by Karsten Thoms and Moritz Eysholdt,

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Eclipse Day China | Eclipse Day 中国


Beijing, June 29th 2013 | 北京 2013年6月29日

Non-official site is

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg

Intro 介绍

Eclipse Day China

Eclipse Day China in Beijing on 2013 June 29 is a free event support by the Eclipse Foundation. This event will target on the IT developers and Eclipse members, and the experts and senior consultants from leading IT companies will share the experiences of Eclipse open source projects, Eclipse demo, and discussing the technical issues with the participants. This event will also provide a good opportunity and platform for the Eclipse members and developers to discuss and communication.

2013年6月29日在北京举行的Eclipse Day China 是在Eclipse Foundation支持下在中国举办的一次免费的面向在中国开发人员和Eclipse爱好者的活动。 活动中,众多来自行业领先企业的中外专家及资深开发人员将与您分享Eclipse开源项目中的经验,Eclipse产品演示,并与大家探讨Eclipse相关的技术问题。 此次活动也将是一次Eclipse爱好者交流的机会和平台。

The event is free, please register ASAP to reserve your seat. 此次活动免费,因席位有限,请务必尽早注册预留席位。

If you are interest to be co-organizers & co-presenters, please contact with us. 如果您有兴趣成为活动组织的志愿者, 请随时和我们联系。(伟保罗, QQ 908781544)

Location 场地

ThoughtWorks Beijing office

ThoughtWorks, Rm 1105 Guohua Plaza, No.3 Dongzhimen South St, Dongcheng District, Beijing (DongZhiMen Subway station, exit D)

北京市东城区东直门南大街3号国华投资大厦1105室ThoughtWorks (地铁东直门站D口)

Possibly Internet broadcast.

Date and Time 时间

Saturday, June 29th 2pm 6月29号 周六 2点(时间暂定, 可能将延长至10am-6pm)

The time is provisional, i.e. can be changed. Possibly adding 2-3 hours 11am to 5pm, to let US/Canada presenters speak.

Compare time

For smaller DemoCamp on June 20th, see Beijing Thursday

此外,我们将在6月20日在北京举办DemoCamp活动,详细内容请见 Beijing Thursday

Organizers 组织者

- Actuate Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Actuate founded and co-leads the BIRT open source project, which is used by 2 million developers around the globe and serves as the foundation of the ActuateOne® platform. 安讯软件(上海)有限公司。安迅创立并共同引导开发了 BIRT 开源项目,该方案目前正被全球超过 200 万开发人员使用,并被用作 ActuateOne® 平台的基础。

- JVMs and Node.js User Groups (Java, Groovy, Scala, Android, JavaScript)

- Paul Verest Paul Verest +86 187 01029146, QQ 908781544 Software Architect at Funshion风行在线

- Jin Mingjian, 金明剑, Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Beijing Reasearch and Development Center (as individual),blog

- ThoughtWorks, Global leading customized enterprise software design and delivery company.

Sponsors 赞助

Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the open-source Eclipse Projects. If you or your company would like to sponsor the venue, drinks & snacks, broadband Internet for the event please get in touch with Paul Verest +86 187 01029146.

If we have money left, we will return or donate to Eclipse (or next event).

Eclipse Foundation为非盈利机构,如果您或您的公司希望能提供场地,饮料,零食 或者互联网赞助(ISP)或者其它任何赞助,请联系伟保罗, QQ 908781544 。

Agenda 议程

  1. Opening 开场致辞
  2. Topics 主题演讲
  3. Track Session 1分论坛1: Hackathon run in parallel 主题和编程马拉松
  4. Track Session 2 分论坛2: Eclipse深层技术探讨
  5. Best presenter & best content awards 最佳主持人和最佳内容奖
  6. Closing 结束

Hackathon 编程马拉松

为了方便,我们为本次Eclipse Day及编程马拉松活动设置了专门的页面,相关详细请参阅Eclipse编程马拉松的活动页面。 See more informations of Eclipse Hackathon at

对于有关活动的任何问题、建议和想法,欢迎直接向本次Eclipse编程马拉松协调人金明剑[1]或者本页面上的其他组织者发信。 This hackathon will be hosted by one of co-organizers, Jin Mingjian. If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, don't hesitate to sent emails to him [2] or other organizers on this page.

Topics and Speakers


  1. Eclipse organization, members and projects (中文)| Eclipse组织和项目介绍
  2. Eclipse VJET (中文)
  3. Open source story Nodeclipse | 在Eclipse开发Node.js (中文) by 高洋 或者Lamb from 用友汽车
  4. "Modeling and Programming going hand in hand with UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE" by Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions
  5. Eclipse Java IDE Tips and Tricks (How to work more effectively) by Rabea Gransberger (30-60min)
  6. "Eclipse 4 Programming Model" (中文) by Jin Mingjian
  7. Development of Embedded Systems with eTrice by Thomas Schuetz, (15-60min)
  8. Implementing complex graphical editors with model-driven technologies | 使用模型驱动技术实现图形编辑器 by Andreas Graf (戈安迪),
  9. Internal DSLs with Xtend, by Karsten Thoms and Moritz Eysholdt,
  10. JRebel plugin for Eclipse by Anton Arhipov,
  11. "Implementing Mobile Business Applications with Eclipse Scout", by Matthias Zimmermann, BSI Business Systems Integration AG (15-20min)
  12. Eclipse ADT (Android Development Tools) by 杨光福 (not confirmed)
  13. Big Data by Cedric Carbone, CTO Talend
  14. How to use Eclipse to write and debug Groovy scripts on a live web application, Giampiero Granatella ManyDesigns
  15. Using the Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) to analyze source code by Trent Hoeppner, IBM China
  16. BIRT on Eclipse, (中文) by Julie Liu, Actuate Software (China)
  17. Visualizing Big Data with Hadoop and BIRT, (中文) by Huanjin Liu, Actuate Software (China)
  18. Eclipse Momentics IDE to create awesome BlackBerry mobile apps by Ekkehard Gentz (20min) Independent SoftwareArchitect, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. BlackBerry Elite.
  19. Maven Integration in Eclipse overview (m2e/m2e-wtp) by Fred Bricon, Red Hat, Inc.

Anyone can do presentation! Just decide on topic and contact organizers. UPDATE: We are considering time slot duration, let us know what you think.


  • Eclipse 4.3 Kepler
  • OSGi
  • Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) project (中文)(expected)
  • Eclipse JavaFX e(fx)clipse
  • Spring IDE & STS
  • Scala IDE
  • e(fx)clipse JavaFX 2 Development and JavaFX renderer for Eclipse runtime.
  • VJET JavaScript IDE (incubation)
  • Eclipse RAP 2.1
  • Eclipse Orion 3.0
  • Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT)
  • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • PyDev Python IDE
  • Node.js development with Eclipse
  • Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform Project
  • Any topic that YOU want

Details | 详细信息

If you added your demo to the list above, please add a short abstract to this list so people know what you will be talking about.

  • Modeling and Programming going hand in hand with UML Lab - an Eclipse-based Modeling IDE (by Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions)
Model-based software development automates boilerplate code writing by code generation, but restricts developers - often severely - when it comes to manual editing and refactoring at code level. Not so with UML Lab. UML Lab is based on Eclipse RCP and is deeply integrated into the Eclipse IDE. It re-uses existing technologies and combines them in a new, productive way. In the demo I'll show how UML Lab seamlessly combines modeling and coding with an intuitive UML diagram editor and next-gen round-trip engineering. I'll start with importing a legacy software project to get a nice UML class diagram and continue editing model and source code - each operation updates the other instantly. I'll show how to gain overview by reverse engineering, boost your productivity by combining modeling with coding and utilize the full potential of model-based software development through truly agile modeling and programming.
  • Eclipse 4 Programming Model by Jin Mingjian
Eclipse is not only used as a platform for software engineering, but also for systems engineering. A number of graphical notations for these disciplines exists, but especially for the newest approaches graphical editors are few (EAST-ADL, AUTOSAR). In this talk we will show how we used model driven technologies (Xtext, Xtend) to efficiently create a number of graphical editors based on Graphiti. The technology implemented in the IMES research project is a good demonstration on how custom DSLs improve your development process. Six different graphical editors are all concisely described with a domain specific language (different from the Spray! project), making refactoring, bug fixing and implementation of new features very efficient.
Xtend, Eclipse's new statically typed programming language for the JVM, offers many possibilities for developing very concise and declarative APIs - aka internal Domain-Specific-Languages (DSL). Xtend compiles to readable Java source code, allowing bi-directional integration with existing code which runs on any JVM.
After giving a short explanation about the differences between external and internals DSLs we will show some real-world examples. These examples will reach from significantly increasing the conciseness of your code over automating design patterns to operator overloading. You will learn how Xtend can be integrated into your projects seamlessly.
  • How to use Eclipse to write and debug Groovy scripts on a live web application by Giampiero Granatella ManyDesigns
This presentation shows our real-life experience using Eclipse in our projects to get the most out of Groovy's flexibility on live deployed applications.
The traditional development of a web application in Eclipse requires a first phase of creating/editing the web project and a second phase of deployment on an application server such as Tomcat.
This has two drawbacks:
redeployment is slow;
this life cycle doesn't take advantage of Groovy's capability to be edited and reloaded on the fly on live systems.
In this talk we propose the idea of creating a project that points directly to the web application running under Tomcat. The separation between source files and deployed files disappears, changing the traditional java web application life cycle.
Therefore we can harness the power of the IDE (above all debugging) and to maintain the capability to make changes on the live system without redeploy.
During the demo we are going to show a case study based on an application for Funded Projects management currently in use by an Italian major research organization .
  • Using the Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) to analyze source code by Trent Hoeppner
I will first go over the features of the JDT, then explain the basic structure. I will then walk through some demo code that analyzes a Java source file and can makes some changes.
  • Eclipse Momentics IDE to create awesome mobile apps ekke demonstrates How to create an app from scratch: covers UI, business logic and deployment to BlackBerry 10 device
ekke (Ekkehard Gentz)
Independent SoftwareArchitect, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer. BlackBerry Elite. International Development Mobile Apps for BlackBerry 10:
blog: Twitter: @ekkescorner

想了解多一点儿?become co-presenter! 需要和演讲人活动之前沟通,跟多学会,准备一起讲。

Who Is Attending | 谁参加?怎么注册?




因场地有限, 请注册预留席位。注册参会优先进入。

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below:

  1. Paul Verest, Funshion Online
  2. Jin Mingjian, Oracle BDC(Beijing Development Center)
  3. Michael Isvy, Spring Source (not confirmed)
  4. Tony 牛同庆, 移动项目经理,风行网
  5. Rob Stryker, Red Hat (not confirmed)
  6. Trent Hoeppner, IBM China
  7. ...

Remotely (no service guarantees, Internet service provider needed)

  1. Peter Cheng
  2. Andreas Graf, itemis AG
  3. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions via
  4. Giampiero Granatella ManyDesigns


use to register and view the list of registered participants. Registration is free. |

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below:

The maximum number of attendees (including speakers) is 100.

News 新闻

We can possibly get Eclipse Day status. We just need an Eclipse Foundation member to agree to be co-organizer.

Marketplace Installs by Country April 10th 2013:


Chinese PC market is now the biggest in the world. China takes PC crown from US, euronews

For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Weibo, Weixin etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Eclipse Day China in Beijing, please use the tags #eclipse and #democampbeijing in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the event! | 请用#eclipse#和#democampbeijing#标签微博一下。

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