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Eclipse Communication Framework Project

Eclipse Communication Framework
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ECF Developer Resources (CVS access, newsgroup/mailing list access, etc.)

ECF Conference Calls

ECF has weekly conference calls to discuss current and future issues on our roadmap. Anyone is welcome to join us.

  • International: 613-287-8000
  • Toll free: 866-362-7064
  • Participant passcode: 892048#

Next Conference Call: Tues, April 28, 2008 1500 UTC

April 28, 2009, 8:00am pacific time/1500 UTC

Google Calendar

4.28.2009 Call Agenda/Notes

Public and Private Chat Groups

ECF also has ongoing public and private chat groups. Please join us!

  • IRC (public): channel: #eclipse-ecf ECF URL irc://<user>
  • XMPP (private): <user> multi-user chat: ecf
  • ECF Generic (public): ecftcp://

Project Planning

ECF Project Galileo Plan

ECF 2.1 Release Testing

ECF 4.0 ToDo collection

New Stuff

Comments on the Riena Project Goals and Relationship to ECF project

ECF Connection Creation and Management

Extending Real-Time Shared Editing for Use with Other Editors

Remote Eclipse RCP Management

Real-Time Shared Editing

Storage/Retrieval of IDs, IContainers using Equinox Secure Preferences

Discovery of Remote Services

Screen Captures over IM

Integration with Mylyn

Sharing Editor Selections

REST abstraction (H. Staudacher)

REST abstraction (S. Gandhi)

ECF Adopters

ECF Adopters List (please add yourself if you are using ECF)

Coding Conventions

ECF has decided to use the Equinox Coding Conventions. Also on this page are links to java source code formatter to use in Eclipse to easily enforce these conventions.

ECF at Eclipse Summit Europe 2006

From left to right: Roland Fru, Scott Lewis, and Mustafa Isik

Check out these guys. They look happy to be working on Eclipse and ECF, no?

Also see the ECF presentation given at Eclipse Summit Europe 2006.

ECF at Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

Take a look at ECF on Eclipse Summit Europe 2008

ECF at EclipseCon 2009

From left to right: Scott Lewis, Mustafa Isik and Markus Kuppe

ECF was busy at EclipseCon 2009, giving a number of talks and tutorials. The photo shows Scott, Mustafa and Markus wrapping up the conference at the Hyatt Bar, which is adjacent to the Santa Clara Convention Center. For your convenience, here is a short overview of ECF activities at EclipseCon 2009:

For those who couldn't make it, if the busyness during the conference is to serve as an indicator, you can expect a flurry of post-con blog posts and tweets to show up, giving you an idea of what EclipseCon 2009 was like.


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Eclipse Communication Framework
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