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(ECF Team Meetings)
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==ECF Team Meetings==
==ECF Team Meetings==
ECF has weekly conference calls at the following
ECF has weekly conference calls
<b>International: 613 287 8000<br>
<b>International: 613 287 8000<br>

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ECF Project Home Page
ECF downloads

ECF Team Meetings

ECF has weekly conference calls

International: 613 287 8000
Toll free: 866 362 7064
Participant passcode: 892048#

Next Meeting: Monday, July 24th at 1200 Pacific, (7pm UTC)

Notes from Previous Meetings

ECF also has ongoing public and private chat groups. Please join!

IRC (public): channel: #eclipse-ecf ECF URL: irc://<user>
XMPP (private): <user> multi-user chat: ecf
ECF Generic (public): ecftcp://

Major Sub-Projects for 2006

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