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EclipseSummit2010 MobileDevelopmentSymposium

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  • Monetary aspects
    • Costs incurred for starting development
      • Have to buy SDK?
      • Costs for development devices?
      • Admission fees to app stores?
      • Submission fees for apps?
    • Strategies for earning money with mobile apps
      • Freemium
      • Micro-Payment for apps
      • In-App purchase
      • Apps as a complementary feature of larger systems
      • TCO for an App / App development in general
  • Programming models
    • Which programming models are being used?
    • How much influence do you have over your device? Not so long ago, Apple promoted the use of web technologuies to build "apps" for the iPhone!
    • Tooling
      • Eclipse-based
      • Non-Eclipse-based
      • Support for building GUIs?
      • System requirements (i.e. need MacOS / Windows / ...)
    • In how far does development for mobile devices look / feel different from development for desktop / enterprise applications?
  • Distribution channels
    • Need to use app store?
    • Can deploy freely?
    • Deployment strategies for enterprises (private / in-house deployments)
    • Updating strategies
  • What about portability / lock-in?
  • Cross-Platform
    • How important is it?
    • How can we achieve it?
    • Tools and Frameworks for cross-platform development (ie. Appcelerator, MDSD, ect.)



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