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EclipseSummit2010 MobileDevelopmentSymposium

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  • Monetary aspects
    • Costs incurred for starting development
      • Have to buy SDK?
      • Costs for development devices?
      • Admission fees to app stores?
      • Submission fees for apps?
    • Strategies for earning money with mobile apps
      • Freemium
      • Micro-Payment for apps
      • In-App purchase
      • Apps as a complementary feature of larger systems
      • TCO for an App / App development in general
  • Programming models
    • Which programming models are being used?
    • How much influence do you have over your device? Not so long ago, Apple promoted the use of web technologuies to build "apps" for the iPhone!
    • Tooling
      • Eclipse-based
      • Non-Eclipse-based
      • Support for building GUIs?
      • System requirements (i.e. need MacOS / Windows / ...)
    • In how far does development for mobile devices look / feel different from development for desktop / enterprise applications?
  • Cross-Platform
    • How important is it?
    • How can we achieve it?
    • Tools and Frameworks for cross-platform development (ie. Appcelerator, MDSD, ect.)
  • Distribution channels
    • Need to use app store?
    • Can deploy freely?
    • Deployment strategies for enterprises (private / in-house deployments)
    • Updating strategies
  • What about portability / lock-in?

Call for Paper (Position Paper)

Eclipse Summit Europe - Mobile Development Symposium

Call for Papers

The diversity of mobile operating systems and application environments for mobile devices is constantly growing. From a developer's point of view it is getting more and more difficult to choose the 'right' platform.

We are organizing a Mobile Symposium in order to foster exchange of ideas and experiences among participants. Our goal is to give a broad overview of the various platforms currently available or coming up.

To stimulate exchange among participants, we encourage participants of the symposium to submit papers in one of the following categories:

A: Introduction of one particular mobile platform

We are looking for practitioner reports and position papers outlining participants' experience on one particular mobile platform. Each paper should cover aspects from the following list to make it easier for participants to compare the various platforms with each other:

  1. Monetary aspects: what are the costs for getting started with development for a particular platform? Do you need to buy access to an app store to distribute your applications? What are possible strategies for earning money on the platform?
  2. Programming models and environments: how do you program for the platform? Which development languages and environments are available? Are there any restrictions with respect to which device capabilities you may use? How much influence do you have over the device?
  3. Distribution channels: how can you distribute applications written for your platform? Do you need to distribute it via an app store? Can you limit delivery of the software to a limited group of people? What about in-house deployment in an enterprise? How and how often can you roll out updates?

B: Cross-platform development for more than just one platform

We want to discuss cross-platform development. If you have experience in this area, please feel free to submit a paper focussing on one or more of the following aspects:

  1. How important is cross-platform development? Are certain classes of applications more suited for cross-platform development than others?
  2. Tools and Frameworks: Give an overview of one or more tools / frameworks suitable for cross-plattform mobile development such as web frameworks, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, MDSD, etc.
  3. Portability vs. Lock-in: which role does cross-platform development play in overcoming vendor lock-in?
  4. Market share: how can cross-platform development help to increase market share of an application?

C: Enterprise Integration

Many applications only make sense because they integrate with a back-end system. The app stores are full of applications acting as a mobile front end to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook or publicly accessible databases such as the Internet Movie Database IMDB. We are interested in hearing about your experience regarding integrating mobile devices with enterprise systems such as SAP, SalesForce or proprietary ERP systems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. UX challenges: how can enterprise data be presented on the limited screen real estate of mobile devices without sacrificing information content?
  2. Integration challenges: how can mobile clients be integrated with enterprise systems? Protocols, security, etc.

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