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Download page for 0.2.0 :

Release tracking bug:

New and Noteworthy


The real time list has a "timestamp" column – Bug 433964 EclipseSCADA-RealtimeListTimestamps.png
The "new connection" wizard allows selecting a connection store EclipseSCADA-NewConnectionWizard1.png


The configurator can be used to create S7 PLC configuration Bug 435041
Items from ESAC can now be dragged and dropped to the "Chart" model object in order to create "Archive Series" elements
The chart editor can now show a live preview of the chart in the editor
The visual interface model editor has a companion editor for previews EclipseSCADA IDE VIPreview.png
The configurator can now creation configurations for the JDBC driver model
Debian configuration packages can now also be created on the windows platform and no additional installation of "debuild" is necessary.
The configurator has a "SCADA" perspective
There is a tools project which provides actions to mass change names and connections. And change the type of some components. Set ConnectionChange Name - Enter scriptChange Name - Preview
The test servers were re-added Bug 432707
The client plugin generator can now also generate a full build setup with Maven/Tycho.


Modbus Exporter can use 32bit values and receive write requests
Modbus Exporter can be used as a standalone functionality outside of Eclipse SCADA


p2director installation is a "noarch" package now
p2director packages are much smaller, from ~60MB to 6.5MB


Fix label rending for multiple axis
The chart has a legend


Apache Mina is limited to [2.0.x,3.0.0) – Bug 432726
Switch to target platforms for Maven/Tycho

Changes during the release

Since 0.2.0-M10

  • Configurator
    • Added ability to configure serial to network port mappings
  • ESAC
    • Fix the help system
  • Chart
    • Fix a view things opening the chart
    • Fix a view bugs in the editing component
  • Configurator
    • Add "set master" tool

Since 0.2.0-M8

  • Configurator
    • Add hostname/nodename to device labels
    • Preview editor can now detect child resource changes

Since 0.2.0-M7

  • Protocols
    • Allow an easier implementation of a Modbus Slave instance
    • Several bug fixes in the modbus protocol codecs
    • Fix a bug in two IEC 60870 messages
    • [SFP] Fix an update issue in the folder manager
  • Releng

Since 0.2.0-M6

  • Configurator & Deploy
    • Fix RPM build
  • Protocols
  • Core
    • Add an A&E injector module for syslog using RELP
    • Generalize HTTP and syslog A&E injector system
  • HMI
    • Add a few more icons

Since 0.2.0-M5

  • Configurator & Deploy
    • Adding "setup" system
    • Adding automatic postgres setup
    • Adding optional automatic application setup
  • UI
    • Add Browser widget for detail dialogs
    • Add more primitives to VI
  • Core
    • Add MQTT client

Since 0.2.0-M3

  • Configurator
    • Fixed the creation of RPM configuration packages
    • Fixed the startup script generation for SysV
    • Fixed several validation and processing bugs
  • Deploy
    • Changed from external packages with version number to names without version number and a real version
  • Core
    • Added IEC60870 input only client
    • Made Modbus exporter usable by plain setup

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