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Eclipse SCADA is an open source SCADA system. It is licensed under the EPL.

The main purpose of a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system is to connect to industrial control systems and acquire, monitor, manipulate and store process data. For this it connects to as many systems as possible in order to provide an aggregated overview of the whole system status, allowing to go in deeper into detail if necessary.

What Eclipse SCADA can do:

  • Data acquisition (gather data from a variety of systems)
  • Monitoring (handle alarms and creates events)
  • Data and Event Archival
  • Visualization (HMI)
  • Value Processing (scaling, calculating, overriding, etc)

What Eclipse SCADA cannot do:

  • Creating embedded logic modules (see eTrice, …)
  • Providing generic communication channels (see MQTT, …)

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