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EclipseRT for Amazon EC2

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The EclipseRT can be run as a lightweight application server on Amazon's EC2 service. Using the EclipseRT 3.6 development stream (currently on Milestone 5, with target release called Helios), an Amazon Image (AMI) was created using the most recently available build of the Equinox project, as well as Jetty 7.0.1 web server and the p2 provisioning platform.

Using the Amazon Image

This Amazon Image is a Community AMI, meaning that any EC2 user can retrieve/use this AMI to launch an EC2 instance.

AMI ID: ami-69d93600
Manifest: eclipsert/osgi_eclipsert36_20100311_jetty_linux_x86.manifest.xml

See the AWS management console to launch instances, and then within the Community AMI tab, simply search for 'osgi' and select the AMI ID: ami-69d93600.

Starting the Jetty Server

Once the instance has been created and is running (as indicated by the AWS console), ssh to your new EC2 instance as described by the EC2 management console documentation.

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