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EclipseLink/UserGuide/JPA/Advanced JPA Development/Performance/Performance Monitoring and Profiling/Performance Monitoring

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Warning This page is now obsolete.

For current information, please see "Performance Monitoring" in the EclipseLink Concepts Guide:

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Performance Monitoring

Use the Performance Monitor to provide detailed profiling and monitoring information in a multithreaded server environment.

Enable the monitor in persistence.xml as follows:

<property name="eclipselink.profiler" value="PerformanceMonitor"/>

The performance monitor can also be enabled through code using a SessionCustomizer.

The performance monitor will output a dump of cumulative statistics every minute to the EclipseLink log.

The statics contains three sets of information:

  • Info: Statistics that are constant informational data, such as the session name, or time of login.
  • Counter: Statistics that are cumulative counters of total operations, such as cache hits, or query executions.
  • Timer: Statistics that are cumulative measurements of total time (in nano seconds) for a specific type of operation, reading, writing, database operations.

Statistics are generally grouped in total and also by query type, query class, and query name. Counters and timers are generally recorded for the same operations, so the time per operation could also be calculated.

The time in between statistic dumps can be configured through the PerformanceMonitor API using the setDumpTime(long) API. If dumping the results is not desired, then dumpTime can be set to be very large such as Long.MAX_VALUE. The statistic can also be accessed programatically using the getOperationTime(String) API.

The performance monitor can also be configured with a profile weight.

The profile weights are defined on SessionProfiler and include:

  • NONE - No statistics are recorded.
  • NORMAL - Informational statistics are recorded.
  • HEAVY - Informational, counter and timer statistics are recorded.
  • ALL - All statistics are recorded (this is the default).

Example Output

Performance Monitor:1279113281664
Operation	Value (ns)
Counter:CacheHits	1,375,664
Counter:CacheMisses	327
Counter:ClientSessionCreates	1,204,817
Counter:ConnectCalls	2
Counter:DataModifyQuery	48
Counter:DataModifyQuery:inventory	21
Counter:DataModifyQuery:order	27
Counter:DeleteObjectQuery	67,792
Counter:DeleteObjectQuery:Customer	1
Counter:ReadAllQuery	1,041,767.
Counter:ReadAllQuery:Item.findByCategory	733,827
Counter:ReadAllQuery:Item.findByCategory:CacheHits	733,779
Counter:ReadAllQuery:Item.findByCategory:CacheMisses	50
Counter:ReadObjectQuery	1,058,273
Counter:ReadObjectQuery:Item:item	130,063
Counter:ReadObjectQuery:Item:item:CacheHits	130,063
Counter:ReadObjectQuery:Item:item:CacheMisses	1
Counter:UnitOfWorkCommits	72,568
Counter:UnitOfWorkCreates	471,491
Counter:UnitOfWorkRollbacks	1
Counter:UpdateObjectQuery	71,498
Counter:UpdateObjectQuery:Customer	62,531
Info:LoginTime	Wed Jul 14 08:55:41 EDT 2010
Info:SessionName	file:/scratch/user_domains/servers/mt-1/app.jar
Timer:Caching	6,411,372,000
Timer:ConnectionManagement	17,225,641,000
Timer:DeleteObjectQuery	41,351,430,000
Timer:DeleteObjectQuery:Customer	4,441,000
Timer:DeleteObjectQuery:Customer:QueryPreparation	86,000
Timer:DeleteObjectQuery:Customer:SqlGeneration	28,000
Timer:DeleteObjectQuery:Customer:SqlPrepare	72,000
Timer:DeleteObjectQuery:Customer:StatementExecute	2,265,000
Timer:InsertObjectQuery	69,111,086,000
Timer:Logging	4,236,000
Timer:Merge	1,144,400,000
Timer:ObjectBuilding	31,914,397,000
Timer:QueryPreparation	984,396,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery	260,943,930,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory	14,790,333,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory:ObjectBuilding	250,959,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory:QueryPreparation	1,880,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory:RowFetch	113,552,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory:SqlGeneration	522,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory:SqlPrepare	2,055,000
Timer:ReadAllQuery:Item:Item.findByCategory:StatementExecute	107,382,000
Timer:Register	3,272,443,000
Timer:RowFetch	25,340,990,000
Timer:Sequencing	1,352,326,000
Timer:SqlGeneration	6,646,000
Timer:SqlPrepare	19,536,031,000
Timer:StatementExecute	508,589,220,000
Timer:TXAfterCompletion	1,854,152,000
Timer:TXBeforeCompletion	169,381,843,000
Timer:UnitOfWorkCommit	167,483,825,000
Timer:UpdateObjectQuery	46,440,589,000
Timer:UpdateObjectQuery:Customer	40,466,433,000
Timer:UpdateObjectQuery:Customer:QueryPreparation	867,496,000
Timer:UpdateObjectQuery:Customer:SqlGeneration	98,000
Timer:UpdateObjectQuery:Customer:SqlPrepare	1,319,333,000
Timer:UpdateObjectQuery:Customer:StatementExecute	32,901,366,000

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