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The IP Project Log is a document that records code and non-code contributions. This log is now generated, and this wiki site is not longer used to track IP content. The steps for adding content can be found on this page, and here.

The generated log can be found here:

Manually updated dependency page:

IP LOG Process


  • All contributions from non committers start out as either a comment on a bug, or an attachment to the bug. NOTE: the patch, or the comment with the suggested IP needs to be put in the bug by the contributor, and NOT a committer.
  • If the contribution is included in a patch attached to the bug, set the iplog flag on the bug to attachment details page is set to (+). Here is an Example. Note: The (+) must be set on the patch contributed by the contributor, even if it is marked as obsolete. (unless the final patch contains NO ip from the original patch).
  • Only set the iplog flag on the bottom right of the bug page to (+) for bugs that contain IP contributions within the bug text. Here is an Example.

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