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SDO 2.1

Currently EclipseLink supports Service Data Objects (SDO) targeting the 2.1 specification.

  • Dynamic Data Objects
  • Static Data Objects

Mapping Metadata

  • Metadata can be created by loading most XML Schemas using XSDHelper.
  • May be programmatically created by loading DataObjects representing Types and Properties using TypeHelper.
  • Metadata can be customized using MOXy.


  • Customizable Mapping - Use MOXy to customize the DataObject to XML conversion.
  • XPathHelper - An externalized means of executing XPath statements against an SDO data graph. This result set better matches the result set obtained when executing an XPath against an XML document than the get(String) method on DataObject.
  • Web Service Attachments - If you are using our SDO implementation as part of a Web Service implementation you can have MTOM and swaRef Web Service attachments correspond to properties in your DataObject.
  • XML Schema Management - XML Schemas are a popular interchange format for SDO metadata. Our SDO implementation provides more flexible options for generating and producing XML Schemas.
  • Data Conversions - More flexibility when accessing simple data, this includes enhanced support for handling Date/Time objects (use more than just java.util.Date).
  • ChangeSummary (disconnected change tracking and undoChanges())
  • Bidirectional mapping (via sdo:oppositeProperty annotation)

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