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What is EclipseLink MOXy?

MOXy is EclipseLink's Object to XML Mapping services. MOXy allows for a POJO object model to be mapped to an XML schema. The Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) provides a Java standard for object XML mapping (OXM). MOXy supports JAXB, as well as providing its' own POJO API and integration with Web Services.

How does EclipseLink MOXy differ from the JAXB reference implementation?

  • EclipseLink MOXy provides support externalized mapping metadata. This means that plain old java objects can be mapped onto an XSD without requiring any annotations at all.
  • EclipseLink offers superior mapping flexibility with positional and path mappings that allow more complex mapping without introducing additional unnecessary classes to the domain model.
  • EclipseLink offers excellent runtime performance.

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