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You may use the org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.JpaHelper class to obtain an EntityManager.

Using a server session

EntityManagerFactory emf = JpaHelper.createEntityManagerFactory(serverSession);
EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();

Using a sessions.xml file

If you want to use EclipseLink or Oracle TopLink's native XML metadata within EclipseLink JPA this can be accomplished using API:

EntityManagerFactory emf = JpaHelper.createEntityManagerFactory(sessionName);
EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();

or through the use of persistence unit properties in your persistence.xml:

<persistence xmlns=""
          xsi:schemaLocation=" persistence_1_0.xsd"
    <persistence-unit name="my-app" transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL">
             <property name="eclipselink.sessions-xml" value="org/my-app/persistence/sessions.xml"/>
             <property name="eclipselink.session-name" value="my-app"/>

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