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[[EclipseLink/Test/JPA| Running the JPA Junit tests]]
[[EclipseLink/Test/JPA| Running the JPA LRG]]

Revision as of 15:05, 3 December 2007

Current EclipseLink Test Status


Running the foundation LRG

Platform Results

Test Database OS Date last run Ran by Pass Fail Warning Total
SRGTestModel MySQL 5 WinXP 2007-12-03 James 642 0 17 659
SRGTestModel Oracle 10g WinXP 2007-12-03 James 659 0 0 659


Running the JPA LRG


  • The FullRegressionSuite has only a few failures when run on MySQL 5
    • At last update, 873 tests run. There are 6 errors and 1 failure.
    • 4 of the errors are related to calling StoredProcedures
    • 1 of the errors is related to an outer join
    • 1 of the errors occurs in a sessions.xml test
    • The failure is a warning related to RAW types on PKs only working on Oracle
    • Work will be done in the near future to bring the pass rate to 100%


  • The FullRegressionTestSuite passes completely when run on Oracle 10.2
    • at last update: 874 of 874 tests pass


  • The OXM test suite passes completly
    • At last update, 10818 tests run successfully
  • The JAXB test suite passes completly
    • At last update, 323 tests run successfully
  • Running the MOXy JUnit tests


  • The SDO tests currently are expected to run with 4 failures and 1 errors.
  • At last update, 3805 run, 3795 tests pass

1 Expected Error:

  • org.eclipse.persistence.testing.sdo.helper.xmlhelper.loadandsave
    • 1 - LoadAndSavePurchaseOrderWithAnnotation:testNoSchemaLoadFromInputStreamSaveDataObjectToString
      • Introduced on 070921 until SDO spec. resolution is received.

4 Expected Failures:

  • 4 in org.eclipse.persistence.testing.sdo.helper.xmlhelper.loadandsave
    • new failures - verifyAfterLoad assertion.
  • 1 Known intermittent failure (to be fixed) that increase the failures by 1 - that tests concurrency issues with open content properties
    • in org.eclipse.persistence.testing.helper.helpercontext.SDOHelperContextMultiThreadedTest

Work will be done in the near future to bring the pass rate to 100%


These tests will be added after we have done some planning for the coordination of the test frameworks

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