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This page is describes the milestone builds working towards the 1.0 release Functional Exit Criteria

1.0 Release Criteria

RELEASE SCHEDULE: No firm date set but the goal is to make the 1.0 release in the first half of 2008 based on the Eclipse development process rules. This includes a graduation review.

Under construction --Doug 14:11, 18 December 2007 (EST)

The 1.0 release of EclipseLink will be focussed on getting the initial contribution from Oracle TopLink 11gR1 available. In addition to this there are several major features being implemented:

  • JPA
  • MOXy
    • JAXB 2.0
      • Annotation based configuration
      • Generation from annotated domain mode or XSD using XJC
    • JAXB 2.0 usage with native XML mapping configuration file
  • SDO
    • SDO 2.1 complete
  • Utils
    • Workbench
    • Migration
      • Package Rename Infrastructure
      • Oracle TopLink 10.1.3X and 11.1.1X
      • TopLink Essentials V2
  • Examples: Provide examples for most common usage scenarios
  • Documentation
  • OSGi/Equinox: Provide support for the usage of EclipseLink within Equinox (Eclipse IDE plugins, RCP applications, Eclipse Runtime projects)
  • Spring Framework: Enable the usage of EclipseLink JPA within Spring
  • Project Infrastructure
    • Automated nightly and continuous build
    • Automated testing

1.0 Milestone 5 - Mar 5 2008

  • Licensing
    • EclipseLink is now licensed under EPL and EDL
  • Utilities
    • Download zip now includes EclipseLink Workbench.
  • Foundation
    • 200040
      • Phase1 - COMPLETED: JPA ORM schema now using MOXy to be read.
      • The following Features have been added to the new schema:
        • Change tracking, descriptor customizer, read only, basic-collection, basic-map, collection-table, join-fetch, mutable, Converters, optimistic-locking, caching
  • Bugs
  • 1.0M5 Available for download from here.

1.0 Milestone 4 - Feb 6 2008

  • Build/Testing
    • Continuous Build - Builds and Tests run when changes are made in subversion
    • Rework build scripts to work more flexibly with both Subversion/Tortoise checkouts and Subclipse/Subversive checkouts
    • Automated Tests are run nightly.
    • EclipseLink is now consumable by 3rd parties as a Maven dependency
  • Utilities
    • Initial contribution of the EclipseLink Workbench Utility
  • Foundation
    • SDO 2.1 Feature Complete
    • 200040
      • Phase1 - COMPLETED: JPA ORM schema now using MOXy to be read.
    • Completed removal of code that was deprecated when the initial contribution was done.
  • Bugs
  • 1.0M4 Available for download from here.

1.0 Milestone 3 - January 8th, 2008

1.0 Milestone 2 - December 5th, 2007

Bugs closed for 1.0 M2 Note: 1.0M1 bugs also included in this list

1.0 Milestone 1 - November 5th 2007

  • Initial contribution of Oracle TopLink source and test cases re-branded to org.eclipse.persistence
    • Functionality
      • Object-Relational: JPA 1.0 with extensions
      • Object-Relational: Support for reading in Oracle TopLink's 10.1.3 and 11gR1 XML metadata files
      • Object-XML: JAXB 2.0 (not fully compliant) + extensions
      • SDO 2.1
  • Working manual build and test capability within Eclipse IDE and through the use of ANT
  • Tests are manually runnable. Instructions for running tests and expected results are here.
  • Basic Examples illustrating core functionality are here.
  • 1.0M1 Available for download from here.

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