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This page is describes the milestone builds working towards the 1.0 release Functional Exit Criteria

1.0 Release Criteria

Under construction--Doug 13:20, 27 November 2007 (EST)

The 1.0 release of EclipseLink will be focussed on getting the initial contribution from Oracle TopLink 11gR1 available. In addition to this there are several major features being implemented:

  • ER 200040: New EclipseLink ORM.XML Schema
  • Support for migrating from other ORM solutions
    • Oracle TopLink
    • TopLink Essentials
  • EclipseLink Utilities
    • EclipseLink Workbench
    • Package Rename for migration from Oracle TopLink and TopLink Essentials

1.0 Milestone 1 - November 5th 2007

  • Initial contribution of Oracle TopLink source and test cases re-branded to org.eclipse.persistence
    • Functionality
      • Object-Relational: JPA 1.0 with extensions
      • Object-Relational: Support for reading in Oracle TopLink's 10.1.3 and 11gR1 XML metadata files
      • Object-XML: JAXB 2.0 (not fully compliant) + extensions
      • SDO 2.1
  • Working manual build and test capability within Eclipse IDE and through the use of ANT
  • Tests are manually runnable. Instructions for running tests and expected results are here.
  • Basic Examples illustrating core functionality are here.
  • 1.0M1 Available for download from here.

1.0 Milestone 2 - December 2007

  • Utilities
    • Creation of new sub-component
    • Initial contribution of the EclipseLink Workbench Utility
    • Move package rename functionality to new component
  • New XML metadata format (ER 200040) for Native ORM, OXM, and EIS
    • M2 contribution will target providing XML support what JPA orm.xml + XML support for extended JPA annotations already provided by EclipseLink
  • Build/Testing
    • Automated nightly build on Eclipse build server
    • Automated testing using Derby/MySQL on Eclipse Servers
    • Automated access to nightly builds
  • Start removal of deprecated code
  • JPA
    • Remove base classes originally introduced to support JPA in JDK 1.4
    • Remove CMP and EJB from class and package names
      • Most of this has been done in the package rename from Oracle TopLink, but there may be a few stray classes that need renaming
    • Replace CMP3Policy with ClassDescriptor.PrimaryKeyPolicy
    • Extensible metadata model when using JPA (custom descriptor classes)
    • JPA 2.0 feature Development Strategy
  • SDO 2.1 Functionally complete
  • MOXy: JAXB 2 support for @XMLElements
  • Rework build scripts to work more flexibly with both Subversion/Tortoise checkouts and Subclipse/Subversive checkouts
  • Progress our plan for including extensions that depend on classes that are not open source

1.0 Milestone 3 - January 2008

  • Dynamic Persistence (ER 200045)
  • Oracle TopLink Migration (ER 200043)
  • Initial DBWS implementation based on WS standards
  • Mapping Workbench support for new metadata XSDs
  • Mapping Workbench support for upgrading from Oracle TopLink (versions?)

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