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Revision as of 11:38, 5 November 2007 by (Talk | contribs) (1.0 Milestone 1 - November 5th 2007)

This page is describes the milestone builds working towards the 1.0 release Functional Exit Criteria

1.0 Milestone 1 - November 5th 2007

  • Initial contribution of Oracle TopLink source and test cases re-branded to org.eclipse.persistence
    • Functionality
      • Object-Relational: JPA 1.0 with extensions
      • Object-Relational: Support for reading in Oracle TopLink's 10.1.3 and 11gR1 XML metadata files
      • Object-XML: JAXB 2.0 (not fully compliant) + extensions
      • SDO 2.1
  • Working manual build and test capability within Eclipse IDE and through the use of ANT
  • Tests are manually runnable. Instructions for running tests and expected results are here.
  • Basic Examples illustrating core functionality are here.
  • [1.0M1 Available for download from here.]

1.0 Milestone 2 - December 2007

  • Utilities
    • Creation of new sub-component
    • Initial contribution of the EclipseLink Workbench Utility
    • Move package rename functionality to new component
  • New XML metadata format (ER 200040) for Native ORM, OXM, and EIS
    • M2 contribution will target providing XML support what JPA orm.xml + XML support for extended JPA annotations already provided by EclipseLink
  • Build/Testing
    • Automated nightly build on Eclipse build server
    • Automated testing using Derby/MySQL on Eclipse Servers
    • Automated access to nightly builds
  • Start removal of deprecated code
  • JPA
    • Remove base classes originally introduced to support JPA in JDK 1.4
    • Remove CMP and EJB from class and package names
      • Most of this has been done in the package rename from Oracle TopLink, but there may be a few stray classes that need renaming
    • Replace CMP3Policy with ClassDescriptor.PrimaryKeyPolicy
    • Extensible metadata model when using JPA (custom descriptor classes)
    • JPA 2.0 feature Development Strategy
  • SDO 2.1 Functionally complete
  • MOXy: JAXB 2 support for @XMLElements
  • Rework build scripts to work more flexibly with both Subversion/Tortoise checkouts and Subclipse/Subversive checkouts
  • Progress our plan for including extensions that depend on classes that are not open source

1.0 Milestone 3 - January 2008

  • Dynamic Persistence (ER 200045)
  • Oracle TopLink Migration (ER 200043)
  • Initial DBWS implementation based on WS standards
  • Mapping Workbench support for new metadata XSDs
  • Mapping Workbench support for upgrading from Oracle TopLink (versions?)

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