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EclipseLink/Development/JPA 2.0/websphere

Instructions about installation and configuration of JPA 2.0 on WebSphere 7.0.x

  • Install WebSphere 7.0
  • Apply Fixpack 9 or later, make sure you have related SDK fixpack installed as well
  • Install "IBM Installation Manager" 1.4
  • Download Feature Pack zip file (,which includes repositories for WebSphere install up to fixpack 9) and unzip it to dir like C:\IBM\jpa20, get the zip file from
  • If your websphere install is fixpack 11, you have to download repository zip file 1.0.0(, which includes reporsitores up to fixpack 11) and unzip to dir like C:\IBM\was70repos, get zip file from
  • Start Installation Manager, remove existing repositories from File -> Preferences -> Repositories
  • Add JPA2.0 repository by entering C:\IBM\jpa20\local-repositories\ariesjpa and click on "TestConnection"
  • Add was 1.0.0 repository by entering C:\IBM\was70repos\repository.config and click on "TestConnection"
  • Click "Import" to import existing WebSphere 7.0 install to Installation Manager
  • Click "Install" to install OSGI applications and JPA2.0. At the end of the install, WebSphere Profile Management Tool will pop up. In the profile management tool, argument profile for JPA 2.0, after that click "finish" and you need to argument profile for OSGI applications to make these features enbaled in WebSphere
  • Note: For WebSphere Network Deployment edition, you need to argument Dmgr01 profile for OSGI and JPA2.0 features and argument AppSvr01 profile for OSGI and JPA2.0 features

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