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Note: This platform has been integrated into the 2.0 / main stream development. (as of 10-22-2009).

Note: This page describes an extension of EclipseLink that is part of the EclipseLink incubator. Incubator projects are published so the community can use them either to progress towards having them included in the main product, or to use in their own implementations. They have been tested to varying levels and as such, we recommend doing your own testing before including any of this code in a production-level product. Please report any issues via the bug listed below:


bug 215079


This is a subclass of DatabasePlatform that can be used by customers using the H2 database.


This section should be written as the platform is exercised and should include things like "configuration", "how to use", "limitations"



Level of Testing

  • Sept 3, 2009 - Initial check-in - compile-only, no database-level testing

Location of tests and examples

No specific tests or examples have been written


The OraclePlatform can be successfully used instead of H2Platform in many case.

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