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Batch SQL operations

Initial contribution by customer Rainer Schild: A DBWSBuilder file that looks something like:

      SELECT @A:=SUM(salary) FROM table1 WHERE type=1;
      UPDATE table2 SET summary=@A WHERE type=1;

Variable bindings

Need to figure out 2 types of variables:

  1. parameters passed in (use JDBC '?' markers?)
  2. temporary variables (@A)

Transaction Horizon

  • explicit (see above)
  • implicit - whole block is implicitly a start ... commit transaction
  • nesting - can batch-sql operations be batched together: what then happens to the transaction horizon?

Current Support (EclipseLink 2.4)

Our support currently expects '\n' as the line delimiter; this is not configurable. The DBWSBuilder file should look like the following:

      SELECT @A:=SUM(salary) FROM table1 WHERE type=1\n
      UPDATE table2 SET summary=@A WHERE type=1\n

Batch SQL statements are executed in order, without any processing or validation being performed. If execution of a statement results in an exception, no further statements are executed, and a value of -1 is returned. Passing of parameters is not supported. Temporary variables will be supported if the target database supports them and the SQL is configured correctly. Only explicit transactions are supported.

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