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EclipseLink 2.6.0 Development Plan

This is the early plan for EclipseLink 2.6.0. See DesignDocs for more detailed information on features.

Proposed Features

  • JPA
    • JGroups support for cache coordination
    • Kryo serialization support for cache coordination and serialized converters
    • RESTful Data Services improvements
  • MOXy
    • Bean Validation
    • Java API for JSON Processing
      • JSR-353 is the Java standard for producing and consuming JSON which was introduced as part of Java EE 7. JSR-353 includes object (DOM like) and stream (StAX like) APIs. MOXy has been updated to marshal/unmarshal using the JSON API.
    • Generate JSON Schema from MOXy Annotated Model
    • Generate MOXy Annotated Model from JSON Schema

Dropped, Future

  • MOXy
    • Lighter weight MOXy
      • Separate MOXy bundles from other EclipseLink components to reduce install size and simplify bundling with other 3rd party products.

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