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EclipseLink 2.1: Advanced JPA

This page captures the work planned for EclipseLink 2.1 under the them of advanced JPA. The goal is to increase the number of advanced ORM features that can be accessed through JPA leveraging standard extension points, custom annotations, and custom XML.


  • Historical EntityManager
  • EMF Broker


  • Additional Join (filter) on entity types and relationship mappings
  • Instantiation Policy
  • Historical Mapping
  • Unary Table Sequencing


  • Define additional FetchGroups using annotations or XML
  • Additional operators
  • user defined operators

Eclipselink ORM

The following bugs are a prioritized list of features that are to be worked on for the 2.1 release. NOTE: The complete list will not be completed only those starting from the top that can be addressed in time.

Individual bugs will contain more information and design details.

Bug number Description Status
296289 Add current annotation metadata support on mapped superclasses to EclipseLink-ORM.XML Schema Completed
296612 Add current annotation only metadata support of return insert/update to the EclipseLink-ORM.XML Schema Completed
211323 Add class extractor support to the EclipseLink-ORM.XML Schema Completed
211324 Add additional event(s) support to the EclipseLink-ORM.XML Schema Completed
211322 Add fetch-group(s) support to the EclipseLink-ORM.XML Schema Completed

Database Specific Features


  • Spatial mapping and querying
  • XML Type mapping and querying

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