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(Eclipselink ORM)
(Eclipselink ORM)
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| VIRTUAL Access Type Defaults (Dynamic persistence)
| VIRTUAL Access Type Defaults (Dynamic persistence)
| Completed
| Completed
| {{bug|309373}}
| Add parent class element to EclipseLink-ORM (Dynamic persistence)
| Assigned

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EclipseLink 2.1: Advanced JPA

This page captures the work planned for EclipseLink 2.1 under the them of advanced JPA. The goal is to increase the number of advanced ORM features that can be accessed through JPA leveraging standard extension points, custom annotations, and custom XML.


  • Historical EntityManager
  • EMF Broker


  • Additional Join (filter) on entity types and relationship mappings
  • Instantiation Policy
  • Historical Mapping
  • Unary Table Sequencing


  • Define additional FetchGroups using annotations or XML
  • Additional operators
  • user defined operators

Eclipselink ORM

The following bugs are the current prioritized list of features that are to be worked on for the 2.1 release. NOTE: The complete list will not be completed. The list is worked on sequentially and potentially re-prioritized after a release. Bugs are ranked with a 1 through 5 priority which breaks down as follows:

Priority Description
1 Must have for next release
2 Important for next release
3 Nice to have for next release
4 Unlikely for next release
5 Future

Individual bugs will contain more information on the design and implementation. Queued bugs may not have any extra information at this time and are populated once those bugs become actively worked on.

Bug number Description Status Priority
bug 296289 Add current annotation metadata support on mapped superclasses Completed
bug 296612 Add current annotation only metadata support of return insert/update Completed
bug 211323 Class extractor support Completed
bug 211324 Additional event(s) support Completed
bug 211322 Fetch-group(s) support Completed
bug 303632 attribute-type for mapping attributes (Dynamic persistence) Completed
bug 267217 VIRTUAL Access Type (Dynamic persistence) Completed
bug 307050 VIRTUAL Access Type Defaults (Dynamic persistence) Completed
bug 309373 Add parent class element to EclipseLink-ORM (Dynamic persistence) Assigned
bug 253083 Support for dynamic persistence using ORM.xml/eclipselink-orm.xml Assigned 1
bug 211306 Query-key(s) support Queued 1
bug 211305 XMLType or data-type support Queued 2
bug 221876 Structure support Queued 2
bug 211299 PLSQL support Queued 2
bug 224634 OneToOnes targeting non id fields and foreign target relationships Queued 3
bug 211331 target-join-column support Queued 3
bug 211318 Multiple table join support Queued 4
bug 211319 Multiple table foreign-key(s) support Queued 4
bug 211320 Inheritance-join(s) support Queued 4
bug 211309 Mapping custom-sql/call support Queued 4
bug 211311 Mapping selection-criteria Queued 4
bug 211328 History support Queued 5
bug 211312 Query sequence support Queued 5
bug 222622 XML file sequence support Queued 5
bug 211314 Unary table sequence support Queued 5
bug 211327 Interface(s) support Queued 5
bug 224704 All indirection policies and types support Queued 5
bug 226515 Descriptor query policy support Queued 5
bug 211317 Additional join support Queued 5
bug 222295 Read subclasses on queries support Queued 5
bug 211301 Aggregate collection mapping support Queued 5
bug 218082 Provide EclipseLink Project to XMLEntityMappings conversion tool Queued 5
bug 200043 Migration from Oracle TopLink Metadata Queued 5

Database Specific Features


  • Spatial mapping and querying
  • XML Type mapping and querying

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