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EclipseLink 2.1 (Helios) Planning

Content moved to 2.1.0 Plan

Target Release Date: Helios (June 23, 2010)


The following themes are the focus of the 2.1 release with the majority of effort falling under these themes.


This is the EclipseLink release that will go into the annual Eclipse release named Helios scheduled for release on June 23rd 2010. Some work will be required to ensure all of the release train requirements are met and that EclipseLink functions well within the IDE as well as within the RT platform. This work will include addressing better OSGi/Equinox compatibility.


The last couple of release cycles have had a focus on major new feature areas (SDO, DBWS, JPA 2.0). This work has prevented the project team from keeping up with the community's request for enhancements and bug fixes. This release will endeavour to reduce the bug backlog to a more reasonable quantity.

Continued improvements to usability focusing on simplified getting started steps as well as ability to find technical information on how EclipseLink works and how to solve both common and advanced requirements.



The EclipseLink 2.1 release will include a new set of documentation delivered in HTML and PDF formats. This effort is based on these requirements. The goal is to improve the usability of the documentation.


In this release the project is planning to increase the advanced features available through standard API using common extension points, custom annotations, and extended XML configuration files. The goal is to enable users to work with the standards (JPA, JAXB, SDO) as much as possible and simplify the usage of advanced features.

  • Advanced JPA
    • Advanced mapping options available through custom annotations and/or eclispelink-orm.xml - bug 227219
    • Query Extensions available through JPQL and Criteria API - bug 219814
  • Advanced MOXy (JAXB)
    • Complete JAXB mapping support in eclipselink-oxm.xml mapping file - bug 293925
    • Advanced mapping options available through custom annotations and/or eclispelink-oxm.xml - bug 296967

Work Complete

The following is intended to be a high level list of completed work towards this release


The 2.1 development and release schedule must align with the Helios schedule.

Milestone Date Status Notes
M1  ? Building Target for Helios M4
  • Helios - Annual release milestones - June 23/2010
    • M1 - August 21/09: Included EclipseLink 1.1.3 M1
    • M2 - October 2/09: Included EclipseLink 1.1.3 RC1
    • M3+1 - November 9/09: No update (1.1.3 RC1)
    • M3 - November 13/09: Available
    • M4+1 - December 14/09: targeting inclusion of EclipseLink 1.1.3 GA or Trunk
    • M4 - December 18/09: Available

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