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* [[EclipseLink/Development/2.6.0]]
* [[EclipseLink/Development/2.6.0]]
* [[EclipseLink/Development/2.5.0]]
** Looking for feedback on Proposals, Themes
** Development being done in '''/git/master/'''
** Development being done in '''/git/master/'''
* [[EclipseLink/Development/2.5.0]]
* [[EclipseLink/Development/JPA 2.1]]
* [[EclipseLink/Development/JPA 2.1]]

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Welcome to the Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink) Development Home

This page is focussed on information about current development and development process for the comitters of the EclipseLink project.

Current Development

  • Development has moved from SVN to Git, see Git

Features, Bugs & Enhancements

Features and Enhancements will have a BugZilla enhancement associated with it. A functional specification and design document will be created for each feature. A review of these docs will be initially done by mailing list ( and by meeting if followup is required. Prior to code being checked in, code reviews will be done through the mailing list (

Docs are usually not required for bug fixes. Prior to code being checked in, code reviews will be done through the mailing list (

EclipseLink Newsgroups & Mailing Lists

Weekly Committer Meeting

  • Agenda
  • Thursday @ 11 AM EST (GMT -5)


  • Testing
  • Performance
  • Incubator - where experimental ideas are developed
  • Development Process - overview of development process
  • IP Log - where all external contributions and new approved dependencies must be tracked
  • Building - building EclipseLink including Orbit projects
  • Maven - information about EclipseLink Maven repository
  • Git - Git source repository
  • Source - links to source code


  • git.eclipse - EclipseLink Git repository on Eclipse
  • FishEye - graphical interface monitoring the Git repository
  • Ohloh - open source project network

Development Documentation

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