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General (Multi-branch)

  • Finish Git repo topology and build migration tasks
  • Establish Maven Central Publishing process
    • Ready to "turn on" OSS repo for MC mirroring - awaiting cleanup/decision regarding Milestone publish loc
    • branch info is hardcoded
      • should be discovered from the branch name in Git (the branch the code is from should be the branch used. Currently, need to change both master and the new branch to update version/branch info.
      • Fix requires ANT plugin development - hold
  • Migration to Maven

EclipseLink 2.5 (Kepler)

  • Enable JPA 2.1, and 2.0 compatability testing
    • Preliminary rework to enable complete
    • Follow-up rework to streamline build for further reorg roughly 70% complete: deferred to 2.6
  • Closedown of 2.5
    • final testing of Milestone staging ongoing
    • Ongoing discussions with Sonatype re:javadoc and publishing.

EclipseLink 2.4 (Juno)

  • Closedown of 2.4.2

Backlog of development items (Build)

New Items

  1. Release Planning Dates for 2.4
    • New Milestone?
    • Release Date?

Weekly target Items

Week of: Jan 7-13

  1. EclipseLink to Maven Central
    • Working on aligning old process to new, and streamlining
    • New Ant task created for Sonatype publishing
    • Need to verify publish still good, then will enable push to Sonatype
  2. Milestones:
    • M7 for 2.5.0 pending
  3. OSSA Training
  4. Establish a "Maven repo validation" test

Ongoing Projects

  1. Git migration (repo topology completion)
    • Updating Build documentation - in progress
    • Removal of dependencies from repo: pending
    • Removal of Releng: Complete
    • Removal of Utils: investingating
      • Selective history pull from all branches (from Git, not SVN)
      • History & tree merge of two Git repos
      • What to do with dbws utils?
    • Removal of javax.persistence: Complete
    • Removal of asm: pending
    • Removal of antlr: pending
    • Removal of hermes: re-evaluating
      • especially since contains both runtime and UI code, should probably live separately (would allow out of EL stream patching)
  2. Git build rework
    • Finalize distributed repo and local dependency materialization build model
      • to allow removal of binary dependencies from repos
      • multi tier build/repo interdependencies
    • Integration of tools components into 2.5 build
      • finalizing publish and web generation script changes.
      • Has Own Hudson Job
      • add testing to nightly build - pending
      • Anticipate Eclipselink nightly process will pull in published P2 artifacts (P2 publish pending)
    • Oracle bundle generation.
      • 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 Complete
      • need to establish automated nightly build server
    • Split "test" job from build job: Deferred in favor of Maven conversion (below)
    • Milestone promotion
      • 2.3 - complete
  3. EclipseLink jar to Maven Central
    • need PGP identity for signing - done
    • investigating publishing through Sonatype (Nexus) - done
      • Final test: javadoc to staging (milestone)
  4. Complete conversion of build to Maven
    • Project restructuring will be needed to take full advantage of Maven capabilities
      • organize by artifact (rather than area then artifact)
      • adopt maven directory structure standards:
        • src/main/java, src/main/resource, src/test/java, etc
  5. Remove old build pathways (no BND)
    • May need to keep for some dev processes
  6. JPA test rework (post 2.1 enabling)
    • needs to be split (build xml 92 pages long)
    • Splitting Server-side configurations from existing buildfile may cover upwords of 60% of cleanup
  7. SelectBundle Failing on Open JDK
    • Worked until Mid Nov
    • Edwin forwarding Logs

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