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EclipseCon 2014 Dinner Meetup

This page is to help groups organize for the Dinner Meetup at EclipseCon 2014.

On Monday evening after the Happy Hour, two chartered EclipseCon buses will provide transportation into Burlingame. The buses will loop between the hotel front door and the Burlingame Caltrain Station.

First departure from the Hyatt is 6pm; last pickup in Burlingame is 9:45pm. Buses leave every 15 minutes.

We encourage you to choose some companions, pick a restaurant, and enjoy dinner with your fellow attendees. Then head back to the Hyatt for EclipseCon Late Night in Knuckles bar.

If you're the plan-ahead type, use this page to organize a group ahead of time. (If you prefer spontaneity, hop on the bus, start a conversation, and have dinner with some new friends.)

Here's a suggestion for organizing a Dinner Meetup group. It's a good idea to limit groups to no more than eight people, since many of the restaurants are small.

  • Add your name and contact info as the group organizer, using one of the templates below
  • Consider choosing a theme for your group, such as "guys who love Raspberry Pis"
  • Suggest a specific restaurant - this list on the EclipseCon website should help
  • Pick a meeting place and time, such as "at the restaurant at 7:30" or "let's gather at the 7:15pm bus"

Group 1

  • Organizer:Ian Skerrett
  • Theme: MQTT Interop Day Participants (aka "MQTT ALL THE THINGS!!!")
  • Dinner location: Il Fornaio
  • Meetup time and place: Monday, March 17 @ 19:00
  • Add your name below!
  1. Ian Skerrett
  2. Paul Freemantle
  3. Tim Kellogg
  4. Andy Piper
  5. Dave Locke
  6. Alex Kritikos
  7. Gagan Mehra
  8. Dave Conway-Jones
  9. Dhiraj Bokde
  10. Chris Chiappone
  11. Florian Pirchner
  12. Vatsal Shah

Group 2

  • Organizer: Gunnar Wagenknecht
  • Theme: Eclipse Stuff (RT, Tools, Beer)
  • Dinner location: Steelhead Brewery
  • Meetup time and place: Monday, March 17 @ 19:00
  • Add your name below!
  1. Andreas Mihm
  2. Robert Varttinen
  3. Alex Schladebeck
  4. Achim Loerke

Group 3

  • Organizer:
  • Theme:
  • Dinner location:
  • Meetup time and place:
  • Add your name below!


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